The Lory Student Center is the Place to Be

CSU Bookstore

The Lory Student Center is home to the original Colorado State University Bookstore. Conveniently located on the CSU campus in central Fort Collins, this location boasts an unparalleled selection of CSU apparel, textbooks, and gifts.


Established in 1968, the Ramskeller offers a relaxing pub atmosphere complete with pool tables, television, and music which serves as a popular gathering place for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Colorado State University.

Where to Eat

The Lory Student Center is home to over fifteen top of the line food venues as well as dining service options so the possibilities are truly endless. Not only do we provide variety, but getting food at your favorite spot is always simple and accessible.

Transit Information

Several Transfort buses provide transportation throughout Fort Collins. Recently, we’ve incorporated an on-campus bus to make travel around campus easy and enjoyable. Making the Lory Student Center the hub for free modern transportation.

The Lory Student Center is Your Home Away from Home at Colorado State University

The Lory Student Center serves as a supportive, creative gathering place for exchanging ideas, socializing, challenging social and cultural norms, engaging in campus activities, eating, playing, shopping, relaxing, gathering, and learning…. Your home away from home.

In essence, the Lory Student Center is campus “connection central” – its heartbeat – where students, faculty, staff, and the world at large come to work, learn, play, and feel a part of the energy of Colorado State University’s community. The Lory Student Center contributes directly to the educational mission of Colorado State University by providing encouragement and opportunities for participation in educational, cultural, and recreational activities and provides services for the convenience of the campus community.

We are dedicated to promoting a supportive, creative learning environment by developing campus community through a diversity of high quality, student-centered programs and services.

The Lory Student Center family welcomes you to experience your campus starting at the heart.