Advocating for Diversity and Social Justice Through a Variety of Campus Activities

Created in 2007, Diversity and Social Justice Programs seeks to educate about issues of diversity through entertaining and thought provoking programs. Two years ago, Diversity and Social Justice Programs merged with ASAP to create RamEvents, an inclusive programming board which values and serves every student at CSU.

RamEvents facilitates collaborative opportunities between the Student Diversity Programs and Services Offices, student organizations, and other groups or individuals on campus. If you or your organization have an idea for a program, let’s work together! RamEvents also seeks to meet the needs of all students through planning events based on feedback from surveys, focus groups, and Big Idea meetings where any student can come and share their ideas and can work with us to plan those events if they so choose. If you would like to get involved with RamEvents, or if you have an idea for an event, please visit

If you have everything in place for your program and just need a little money to pull it off, we also administer the Diversity Grant.