Leveraging the Flea Market to Market Products, Services or Events

Room 130 | Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Flea Market is located on the main level of the Lory Student Center and is a great opportunity for CSU student organizations and non-CSU (commercial vendors) to advertise and raise money. They may also advertise and sell their products or promote their services. Use of the Flea Market is by reservation only by contacting the Flea Market Manager directly at (970) 491-1114.  Our office is located inside the Campus Activities suite on level 100 of the Lory Student Center.

Plaza Bazaar

List of Vendors


Apricot Lane Boutique

BioLife Plasma

Breathe of the Earth

Comcast Xfinity/ GMR Marketing

Crossfit DNR


Domino’s Pizza

Fusion night club

Gearage Outdoor Sports

GG Boutique



RAM Events

Snowy Range

Social Ping

St. Peter’s Fly Shop


The Aggie Theatre

The Fort Collins Coloradoan

The Wright Life

Tobi’s tattoo studio

United States Marine Corp

Wild Love Clothing

Wing Shack

Winter Park Resort

Joseph’s Hardware and Home Center


New Era Colorado

Old Firehouse Books

Uncommon Fort Collins

Global Prints

How to Start Using the CSU Flea Market

Make a Reservation

Start here by filling out a short form to reserve a Flea Market table, where you'll market to over 20,000 people who visit the LSC every weekday.

Sponsor a Student Org

Step two is to research and specify a student organization that your reservation fee will be allocated to when using the Flea Market.

Review Contract

Once you've made a reservation and chosen a student organization to sponsor, time to submit a contract and complete the process.

Welcome to the University Flea Market at the Lory Student Center

The Flea Market’s primary function is to support student organizations while providing a designated area for the CSU and the outside community to promote, inform, and conduct business. We support student organizations in two ways:

  1. First, by allowing them to promote and fundraise with the 15 free days as long as they are registered through SLiCE.
  2. The second way and what most people refer to as “sponsoring a student organization” consists of paying users of the Flea Market (off campus or non-profits having 1/2 of their fee go towards the student org of their choosing.

Non-CSU vendors may reserve a table in the Flea Market up to 15 days per academic year. Non-CSU vendors must be sponsored by a registered student organization or University department. Student Organizations and University departments may utilize the Flea Market up to fifteen (15) days per academic year for fundraising purposes and an additional fifteen (15) days for distributing information. There is no limit for table rentals during the summer when space is available. Flea Market vendors will refrain from selling or promoting goods or services which compete with services provided in the LSC, unless permission is granted by the LSC Director of  Campus Activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cannot come into the LSC Flea Market on my vending day and have already paid do I get my money back?

No, the table rental fee is non-refundable. However, if you give the LSC Flea Market advance notice that you cannot come on your scheduled day, you may reschedule for another time. Vendors must give a 24 hour notice to the Flea Market Manager to reschedule a day.

Can I sell food in the LSC Flea Market?

Only CSU student organizations may sell food items. Specific guidelines apply. Please come by the office to pick up your Food Verification Form if your organization is planning on selling food. This option is not offered to non-CSU vendors under any circumstances.

Can I pay for my table with a credit card?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept credit cards as a form of payment. We will take cash, a company or personal check, or a postal money order.