Plenty of Taps in the Ramskeller in the Lory Student Center

The new Ramskeller serves some of the most popular locally-brewed beers with 20 taps, five more than previously available, and there will soon be something special on tap from the fermentation lab.

Odell – Friek

Odell – Isolation

Odell – Loose Leaf

Odell – 5 Barrel Pale Ale

Odell – 90 Shilling

Odell – Easy Street

Odell – IPA

Fort Collins Brewery – Nitro Chocolate Stout

Breckenridge – Vanilla Porter

Stella Artois – Cidre

New Belgium – Snapshot

New Belgium – Fat Tire

New Belgium – 1554

New Belgium – Slow Ride

New Belgium – Accumulation

New Belgium – Hop Stout

Verboten – Good Day to You

Coors Light

Blue Moon

Angry Orchard Cider

Ramskeller also offers a wide variety of bottled selections including beers, ciders, wines, and malt beverages.


Here's What's Pouring at the Lory Student Center's Ramskeller

For the first time, CSU is now offering a major in Fermentation Science and Technology. Alongside this new academic program, is a fully functional microbrewery, located in the Ramskeller. Although CSU is surrounded by many prominent micro breweries in Fort Collins, the goal is not to compete with them. The idea is to provide an expanded educational facility to students. In the future, students may be able to produce small amounts of their own beer for consumption at the Ramskeller.