Table Tents

About 20,000 students visit the LSC each day. Your message will have a captive audience. Six spots are available per week; please see calendar for availability. Reservations run Friday to Friday.  Review specifications for delivery address.

The cost for a table tent reservation is $10 for one week and $15 for two consecutive weeks. Registered Student Organizations are not charged. Student Organizations must be registered on RamLink in order to receive discount.

Print quantity: 130, size 4.25″ by 5.5″ on card stock paper


One Week
Two Consecutive Weeks
Student Organizations


Please note that the submit button will not appear until you have selected dates to run your ad.

Consecutive reservations over one week must enter the coupon code ‘COLAB’ in all caps to receive a 50% discount on the 2nd week.

Reservations and Confirmation

  • Only registered student organizations and University departments may reserve table tents.
  • All reservations must be made online.
  • Each reservation runs Friday p.m. to Friday a.m
  • Reservation is guaranteed only when you have received a confirmation email.
  • You must make a new reservation for every week or two weeks (Friday to Friday).
  • To see that your table tents are displayed on the confirmed date, please visit the food court.
  • You can also see your ad confirmed through the calendar.

Submission and Approval

  • Table tent ads should be printed only after receiving approval from Colab.
  • Submit your table tent ad artwork to Colab for approval and revision at least seven business days prior to reservation date.
  • Table Tent ads should only be printed after receiving approval THROUGH COLAB. Print on ONE side only.
  • Deliver COLAB approved, printed Table tent ads to the Colab office in the LSC (LSC Marketing room 276B in the Lory Student Center.)  BY 4 p.m. the Wednesday prior to your reservation start date with a note of what organization you are from. Please note, the Colab office follows the University holiday schedule.
  • All ads are recycled after removal unless you otherwise specify.
  • Click on the Upload File tab to upload your table tent artwork for approval.

Using the table tents

  • Total number of table tents: 130
  • The ads must be printed on card stock. Print on one side only.
  • All ads must adhere to the above rules in order to run during confirmed reservation times.
  • Colab reserves the right to remove table tents that are unapproved or outdated as well as those whose reservations have expired.

Requesting Artwork

  • If you require artwork for your reservation, please submit a Function Point project request here.
  • If you do not have a Function Point access, click here.

Any further questions, email here .

4.25” x 5.5” on card stock paper
Table tent count: 130 total
For questions on CSU branding regulations and graphic standards click here

Upload Files

To begin uploading your table tent artwork, provide the name of the project and then choose your file before hitting the upload button at the bottom of the page.

We accept JPG, TIF, and PNG file types but for the best possible quality – please upload a PDF file.

Upload Artwork