Order Your Individual Lory Student Center Name Badge Today

Name badges are available for $12.50 per unit at the end of the spring and fall semester only – for the following semester.

  • Name Badge: Refers to the whole unit: this includes the hardware, the logo plate and the clear label with you name and position.
  • Hardware: The hardware is the metal magnetic badge and the magnet used to attach it to the shirt of the wearer.
  • Face Plate: The white plate is then attached to your hardware and is printed with your unit identifier to let visitors and other staff know which department you work for. Due to current brand standards, we are no longer using artistic logos. If your logo needs to be changed, this will take extra time and cost more due to the setup needed for new artwork.
  • Name Tag: After assembling your name badge, we will apply a clear sticker with the name and/or title needed. Name Tags are free and can be printed upon request. (This sticker is removable, and the name badges are reusable, as the clear sticker can be taken off while the badge remains intact.)

Your department will be invoiced internally upon order confirmation.

Please allow 48-hours to complete your request.