Participate in Cans Around the Oval

Dates for Cans Around the Oval 2017:

Cans Kick-Off Event: September 14th, ASCSU Senate Chambers, 9 am – 4 pm

CANStruction: October 11th, Lory Student Center Plaza, 10 am – 2 pm

Cans Around the Oval (Collection):October 18th, CSU Oval, 10 am – 4 pm

Who Can Participate?

  • CSU student groups
  • CSU student individuals
  • Student Organizations
  • CSU Departments, Offices, & Colleges
  • Greek Organizations
  • Residence Life
  • Community Schools
  • Fort Collins Community Businesses/Non-profits
  • Faith-Based Community Organizations

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Competition Guidelines

The Cans Competition – Do we have to compete to be a part of Cans?

You do not have to enter a competition in order to participate in Cans Around the Oval!  If you simply wish to provide donations, you may do so at any time during the event.  We would appreciate it if you would still register, so you can be properly thanked for your participation.  You can drop off monetary and food donations at the SLiCE office throughout the event, or bring them all to the Oval any time during Collection Day.

The Cans Contest is provided for CSU students, faculty and staff, as well as local schools, businesses, and community groups to add an element of fun to this food drive.  This friendly competition has developed over the years as the food drive has grown.  Because of the popularity of the competition, we have developed a set of guidelines to ensure that all groups’ totals are properly counted and recorded.

Who ever gets the most “pounds” wins!

The competition will work as follows:
  • 1 pound of food = 1 pound
  • $1 donated = 5 pounds (the Food Bank estimates that they are able to provide a meal for a family of five for $1)
  • Total Estimated Impact = actual pounds donated + (money donated X 5)
  • If you donate 10 pounds of food and $20, your Total Estimated Impact would be 10 pounds + ($20 X 5) = 110 pounds

Double points will not be awarded for high need items, however you are still strongly encouraged to give these. High need food items are: canned tomato products (excluding ketchup), canned fruit, peanut butter, and meals in a can (ravioli, chili, spaghetti O’s, etc.).



Each participating group is invited to challenge other groups within the contest.  Featured contests in the past have pitted ASCSU vs. CSU Administration, Liberal Arts College vs. the School of Business, various residence hall floors vs. another, and even mini-challenges within groups.  Anyone can challenge anyone else!  Because they are in the spirit of service, these competitions are friendly.  If you want to challenge another group, keep it clean!  When you Register, you will be asked if you’d like to challenge another group; don’t hesitate, it’s a great time!

Collecting Donations

How to Get Donations

Collect your donations from mid-September to mid-October, then bring your donations (monetary and actual food) to the Oval at CSU on Collection Day and drop them off to show your support for the Food Bank for Larimer County!

The primary goal of Cans Around the Oval is to support our local food bank by collecting food and monetary donations through “mini-food drives” that ultimately accumulate to create this amazing community effort.  This task is accomplished by asking the community and CSU students, faculty and staff to organize their own food drives at home, work, or school.  We provide many of the resources you need to make your food drives happen.

We Provide:

  • Boxes in which to store donations
  • Collection barrels for your location (limited number)
  • Collection bags
  • Fliers to place at neighbors houses with bags
  • Posters for advertising
  • Canvassing tips and strategies
  • Awareness opportunities and events

How do I collect food and monetary donations?

  • Canvass your neighborhood (SLiCE will provide canvassing areas upon request), asking folks to contribute what they are able to provide.
    • The most effective way to Canvass is to leave a bag with a canvassing flier (provided by SLiCE) on every doorstep in your territory.  Decide upon a VERY SPECIFIC time to return, usually a few days will suffice, write that date on your canvassing fliers, then return and pick up the donation bags.  NEVER STUFF BAGS AND FLIERS IN MAILBOXES!  Leave them on doorknobs and porches where they are visible.
    • You can also use the direct approach.  Knock on doors and chat with your neighbors about Cans.  Give them the fliers and bags directly, and leave them on doors where no one is home.  Come back at a designated time to pick up donations.
  • Ask your family and friends to collect food and cash donations for your drive.  If they have any questions, refer them to SLiCE or the Food Bank for Larimer County
  • Put up a poster at your business or department.  Ask your colleagues and/or classmates to bring in donations at a designated time (by October 20th)
  • Find a business to sponsor your drive, either by matching all donations that your drive brings in, or by providing a one time donation of cans or cash.
  • Hold a fundraiser event on campus or off.
  • Simply give some food or cash by stopping by the SLiCE office anytime before Collection Day and leaving your donation there.
  • There are so many creative ways to collect donations, these are merely suggestions.  Do what you can to make the most of your drive and do it your way!

Canvassing Do’s and Dont’s


  • Get a canvassing territory from SLiCE.
  • Canvass every house and business in your territory.
  • Bring something to haul donations in if you can, i.e. a wagon, cart or other such wheeled equipment.
  • Be polite and respectful even if people you meet are not interested in contributing.
  • If you canvass in front of a grocery store, check in with the manager on duty, ask them how they’d like you to set up, and make sure to bring plenty of boxes or collection bins.
  • Ask friends, family and/or co-workers to contribute.  You don’t just have to stick with your territory.  Be creative!
  • Make sure checks are made payable to Food Bank for Larimer County, with Cans, or Cans Around the Oval, written in the “memo” section of the check.
  • Have fun!  Canvassing is great team builder and group activity and it only takes a couple of hours.


  • Leave bags and/or fliers in or around mailboxes.  This is very illegal.
  • Stray from your territory.  Other groups are bordered around you on all sides.
  • Be disrespectful to neighbors if you are having a hard time canvassing.  Understand that some folks give regularly to the Food Bank, some simply have other concerns at the time you approach them, and still others are clients of the Food Bank.
  • Fail to canvass your territory without notifying SLiCE.  The territories are limited and many groups have to wait to get one.
  • Canvass unless you have signed up for a territory; same for grocery stores.  Groups must sign up for storefront canvassing at EVERY grocery store in the area.
  • Accept open food containers.
  • Accept personal checks written out to you or your group, only accept them if they are to the Food Bank.  This is also very illegal and if get caught you will be held criminally accountable.


CANStruction is a competition organized to raise food for Cans Around the Oval and raise awareness about food access and for the Food Bank for Larimer County.

Registered groups design and build a structure out of nonperishable food items to raise awareness about hunger.  For example, a group CANStructed a dog bone out of food with the theme “Take a bite out of hunger.” 

CANStruction will be held on the LSC Plaza – October 11, 2017, from 10am-2pm. 

The top three structures, will receive bonus pounds towards their total poundage collected on Collection Day Oct. 18, 2017!