Understanding Hunger

With its variety  of programs, the Food Bank for Larimer County fights hunger in our own community every day.  By joining the cans team through donating cans, collecting canned food, or even contributing what you can financially, you are making a difference in the lives of thousands of Larimer County residents.

The Food Bank for Larimer County distributed over 7.5 Million pounds of food to Larimer County residents alone in 2009.  For a better understanding how hunger affects us locally, please check out the Food Bank’s Hunger Facts.

To understand the issue of hunger is to understand the root causes of poverty and oppression.  Cans Around the Oval merely scratches the surface of the scope of the global problem of hunger.  Fighting hunger occurs on many levels; only with combining awareness and action opportunities, along with the grassroots action of Cans Around the Oval can we truly be effective in fighting hunger and poverty.  Poverty is systemic, so here we have provided links and synopses of featured organizations working on each level of systemic change, local, national and international, in order to put the issue into perspective.  As we are gathering together as a community to assist those of us in the most need, we ask that we stay cognisant of every aspect of this issue.  Simply by staying aware we are making a difference in the fight against poverty and oppression on many levels.

Food Bank for Larimer County – working to fight hunger here in our own community.

Pathways Past Poverty – A collaboration of Larimer County entities, including Larimer County, CSU, the United Way, and many not-for-profits in the area.  The goal of this project is to identify ways of combatting poverty by addressing its root causes right here at home; including hunger.

Feeding America – Formally America’s Second Harvest, this organization provides food and advocacy to food banks nationwide.  They are also the primary sponsors of Hunger Awareness month every October.  Their site provides an incite into the scope of hunger on a national scale.

OxFam – The OxFam family has worked on a variety of issues surrounding poverty on an international scale.  They work to address root causes of poverty, and also provide emergency relief when needed.  OxFam provides many unique opportunities to learn and get involved.

UN Food Program – The United Nations does it’s best to aid the fight against hunger.  Check out their site to see what they are doing.

Action Center to End World Hunger – Another international NGO, the Mercy Corps stays true to its grassroots beginnings by working with local community members to establish their offices; keeping in mind the needs of local people where ever they go.  They provide advocacy and education in the fight against hunger and poverty.