PRAXIS Proposals

STEP 1: Pick your passion

Identify an issue or problem that you care deeply about and want to change. Issues can be local, national, or global in scope but must affect the Fort Collins community in some tangible way . Examples of local issues include housing/homelessness, health, drugs/alcohol, transportation, and working with special populations like senior citizens, youth, and people with disabilities. Some national issues with local impact include environmental sustainability and immigration.
STEP 2: Collaborate with a community partner
Identify a community organization (e.g., local non-profit, government agency, faith based organization) that works on the issue/problem and contact them. If you need help identifying an agency, please call or stop by the SLICE office. Explain the PRAXIS concept to the agency and discuss potential projects that could address the issue/problem.
STEP 3: Determine a project
In consultation with your community partner, create a project plan that is innovative and action-oriented. The following are example PRAXIS projects:
· A youth community garden project aimed at promoting environmental sustainability
· A financial literacy program for high school seniors
· Cross-denominational dialogue groups
· Construction projects that increase access for the disabled
· Educational campaigns about alcohol and drugs
· Conflict-resolution training programs for disadvantaged youth
Please note that preference will be given to projects that are structured, sustainable and specific (e.g., have the potential to last for more than the 2012-13 academic year). Fundraisers, political campaigns, and projects that have the potential to cause harm will not be funded.
STEP 4: Complete the application
Fill out the online application.  If you need assistance completing the application, please contact Jenn Rieskamp at 970-491-5488 or by email.