PRAXIS Requirements

In addition to receiving grant money, PRAXIS provides students with leadership training, service-learning experience, and community development skills.  Project teams will participate in five PRAXIS experiences over the course of the academic year: two evening leadership training retreats, a learning circle prior to implementing the project, a reflection circle after completion of the project, and the PRAXIS showcase.
1) Leadership training retreats
Students will participate in leadership training retreats that will cover topics such as developing project goals, building coalitions, fundraising and budgeting, recruiting members, and sustaining projects into the future.
2) Learning circle
Learning circles are small discussion groups of students, community members, and faculty that take place before implementation of the PRAXIS project. The purpose of the learning circle is to create a common understanding around the issue or problem being addressed by the project.
3) Reflection circle
Reflection circles take place after the completion of the PRAXIS project, allowing participants to look critically at their experiences and translate those experiences into learning.
4) PRAXIS Showcase
The PRAXIS Showcase is an opportunity to share the project and its results with other students, faculty, staff, and community members in an informal setting.  Following the presentations, students will be recognized for their leadership and contributions to the community.