SLiCE Adaptive Swim

In its 40th year, SLiCE Adaptive Swim (SAS), formerly Special Needs Swim, continues to create meaningful relationships between student volunteers and community members of all ages with a variety of abilities and disabilities.  Each week, students and their partners spend an hour in the pool for exercise, games, and friendship. These sessions are oriented towards developing relationships, improving body coordination and skills, and most importantly, having fun in the water!  Through mutually beneficial relationships, participants gain a greater sense of connection with others and strength within themselves.

Volunteers are supported by a strong sense of camaraderie among their peers and challenged in new ways through exposure to difference, vulnerability, and reflection.  Volunteers and participants alike have come to expect opportunities for growth, community, and fun, and a rewarding experience.


Everything You Need to Know About SLiCE Adaptive Swim

Connecting Students and Community Members with Disabilities

There are two SLiCE Adaptive Swim sessions each week. Each swim session is preceded by a volunteer meeting featuring teambuilding, community partner presentations, and reflection on topics related to disability, service, and advocacy.

  • Sunday afternoons from 3:30-5:30pm at the Edora Pool and Ice Center’s (EPIC) swimming pool. Participants must be at EPIC by 4:30 PM
  • Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm at the Edora Pool and Ice Center’s (EPIC) swimming pool. Participants must be at EPIC by 6:30 PM

*Carpooling is available if needed.  Volunteers must be willing to make a weekly commitment for the entire school year (excluding school breaks).

For more information please contact the SLiCE Adaptive Swim Coordinator.