SLiCE Leadership Programs: Leadershape

The LeaderShape® Institute is an interactive, energizing and unique leadership experience for you! LeaderShape® 2017 will take place May 14-19, 2018.
LeaderShape® is a national organization that hosts numerous six-day conferences committed to “producing a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of college student participants.” The CSU LeaderShape® Institute takes place (all transportation, food, & lodging provided) at the end of the spring 2018 semester. This highly active and hands-on institute provides tools for individuals to:

  • Act consistently with core ethical and personal values and convictions
  • Develop and enrich relationships
  • Respect the dignity and contributions of all people
  • Believe in a healthy disregard for the impossible
  • Produce extraordinary results

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LeaderShape: respecting the values and dignity of all people

The LeaderShape® Institute held its pilot program in 1986 at the Allerton Park Conference Center near Champaign, Illinois. Originally developed by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity as a means of improving campus leadership, The LeaderShape® Institute now serves young adults representing a wide variety of organizations and institutions throughout the United States.

In 1992, the University of Michigan College of Engineering invited LeaderShape® to create a partnership to bring The LeaderShape® Institute to its campus and run a session of the program exclusively for Michigan students. This project was very successful and created the opportunity for more schools to operate campus-based sessions of The LeaderShape® Institute. In 2014, 82 institutions held sessions of The LeaderShape® Institute for their campuses or organizations.

The 2018 LeaderShape® Institute will be Colorado State University’s 14th session. CSU has had over 550 students graduate from The LeaderShape® Institute.

LeaderShape® Curriculum Calendar

Day One

Building Community

You'll begin to explore what leadership means and discuss its core components. You'll meet the other participants in the ``Learning Community,`` and you'll also join 8-12 other young adults in a group called the ``Family Cluster.`` As your primary reference group, the Family Cluster will offer you feedback, support, and help you develop and refine your vision for the future.

Day Two

Value of One, Power of All

You'll begin the second day in an experiential team building activity. By working your way through a series of initiatives and discussions, you'll discover how relationships, trust, and problem solving can be enhanced in a supportive group setting. Next you'll add another dimension to your self-awareness by completing a behavioral style inventory. From that information, you'll have an opportunity to set several personal goals for the week and share those with members of your Family Cluster. You'll also participate in exercises which explore the concept of ``inclusive leadership`` and how to create communities which value respect, openness, and diverse opinions.

Day Three

Challenge What Is, Look at What Could Be

Creating a powerful vision is one of the most important aspects of leadership! During this exciting day, you'll begin work developing your own vision for the future which defines a bold change for your community, group, cause, or organization back home. The evening will conclude with a Guest Leader Panel and Reception. This is your opportunity to interact with leaders from different professions. Using an informal question-and-answer format, these individuals will share their insights and experiences related to the challenges of ``lead with integrity™``.

Day Four

Bringing Vision to Reality

A vision is only a dream unless it results in action. Three key requirements will be discussed (relationships, stretch goals, and action steps) which move a vision forward. In addition, the issue of power will be explored in a dynamic group simulation exercise.

Day Five

Leading and Living with Integrity

The concept of ``integrity`` is a challenging one, but central to LeaderShape®'s philosophy of lifelong leadership development. You will discuss how core ethical values, thoughtful decisions, and courage all play critical roles in sustaining integrity and fostering trust and respect. During the afternoon, you'll have open time to discuss ``burning issues`` before you prepare for a creative Family Cluster LeaderShape® Revue in the evening.

Day Six

Staying in Action

On this final day, you'll prepare to return home and face your responsibilities as a LeaderShape® graduate who practices the discipline of ``leading with integrity.`` You'll learn what it means to be a part of the nationwide LeaderShape® community - a network of mutual encouragement and support. A Learning Community commencement ceremony concludes the week.

Day Seven


While The LeadeShape® Institute takes place over six days, Day 7: ShapeCSU allows students to take what they learned from The LeaderShape® Institute and put it into action when they return back to campus. Day 7: ShapeCSU consists of a variety of events specifically for graduates of The LeaderShape® Institute that will allow them to stay connected with their Family Cluster, make new connections with other folks who share similar passions, and gain access to resources that will help the students put their vision into action.