Colorado Leadership Alliance

The President’s Leadership Program is a member of the Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA). CLA supports the development of the next generation of Colorado’s leaders at the collegiate level through collaboration between academic programs and the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The Colorado Leadership Alliance is the only alliance of its kind in the United States.

At public and private institutions across Colorado, CLA leadership programs are preparing top students to become capable leaders of Colorado’s future through academic coursework, internship, externship and service learning experiences. As an umbrella organization, CLA supports the development of each program by providing a forum to communicate best practices, create shared outcomes, foster collaboration among students through Alliance-wide initiatives and engage in joint-fundraising efforts.

The Colorado Leadership Alliance is partnered with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s esteemed leadership programs to promote civic leadership. For more on CLA or the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, visit

In 2015, the Colorado Leadership Alliance named Lucas Suazo the CLA Student Leader of the Year.

“My involvement in (CSU’s President’s Leadership Program) and the Colorado Leadership Alliance have revolutionized the way I look at leadership. Through my experience in (these organizations) I’ve realized that everyone has the potential to lead.”