President's Leadership Program Courses

A Call to Lead
IU 170 A Call to Lead: Theories and Foundations (2 credits)
~ IU 171 A Call to Lead: Social Change Model (2 credits)
Introductory leadership development courses based on the Social Change Model of Leadership examining how individuals, groups, and community effect change. Students will deepen their understanding of self and community, and how to utilize talents to serve others. Students participate in two weekend experiences including a fall retreat and spring service project. This course is intended for student interested in exploring their capacity for leadership through understanding self, values, service, community, and change.

Leadership Styles
IU 270 Leadership Styles I: Personal Application (2 credits)
~ IU 271 Leadership Styles II: Prominent Leadership (2 credits)
Intermediate leadership development courses based on professional elements of leadership and how to apply leadership theory in practice. Students examine their personal strengths, team management principles, and enhance professional skills such as networking, etiquette, and communication. Students apply their learning in real-world experiences including professional networking events and internships volunteering with local non-profit or business organizations to study leadership in action. This course is designed for second- and third-year students who have an interest in the practical application of leadership in the organizations.

Effective Leadership
IU 470 Effective Leadership I: Success as a Leader (3 credits)
~ IU 471 Effective Leadership II: Vision and Change (3 credits)
Advanced leadership development courses based on organizational behavior, systems theory, and leading change in the future. Students examine the power and influence leadership can have in real-world experiences through in-depth examination of critical topics such as values, personality, diversity education, power dynamics, and conflict management. Students also explore impacts of globalization and implications for future trends in leadership. Students apply learning through experiential activities, case-studies, weekend retreats, and collaboration with Homeward 2020- Fort Collins ten year plan to end homelessness. This course is designed for students in their third year and beyond who have an interest in applying their leadership in the future and impacting change in communities and organizations.