Annual Registration Process for CSU Student Organizations

To be recognized by CSU and SLiCE as an registered student organization, the registration process must be completed each year.  The preferred deadline for existing student organizations to be registered is September 30th, as student organizations lose their recognition from the previous year at that time. By missing this deadline, RamLink pages for unregistered existing student organizations become locked. Once locked, their RamLink pages are hidden from view, thereby keeping them from the great resources of being a registered student organization, which include:

  • Accessing the resources in the Student Organization Center (i.e. poster-making materials, conference room space, lockers, computers, etc.)
  • Applying for various on-campus grants (i.e. ASCSU – Board of Student Organization Funding [BSOF], LSC Diversity Grant, ASCSU Travel Grant, Coca Cola Campus of Character Grant)
  • Reserving rooms on campus (i.e. via Event Planning Services, Campus Facilities, and the Registrar’s Office) – certain areas may have rental fees
  • Benefiting from discounted Collegian ad and Poster Run rates
  • Benefiting from the support and guidance provided by the SLiCE Involvement Team, who help clarify the many CSU policies and procedures RSOs face and are expected to follow
  • Creating/utilizing an on-campus Student Organization Financial Account (SOFA)
  • Participating in and benefiting from on-campus fundraising (i.e. Football Parking, RamRide, CSU Serves, LSC Flea Market, etc.)
  • Using RamLink in any way involving your specific RSO’s page, including RamLink Events marketing and promoting events in the RSO Weekly Newsletter sent out by the SLiCE Involvement Team


Officer orientation is a one-hour online presentation covering the following topics: RamLink registration; reserving spaces on campus; event planning and risk management, university policies, procedures, and resources; and financial management and fundraising. The information covered in officer orientation helps presidents and financial officers be more informed and ensure a successful year.

Important Note: Officer Orientation must be completed by the organization President and Financial Officer for the registration process. Additional officers are welcome to watch the Officer Orientation but will not be counted towards the completion of this registration step.

The Online Officer Orientation Video and Officer Orientation Quiz is the only pathway presidents and financial officers can take to complete registration for the spring 2017 semester (except for Fraternity and Sorority organizations).  Plan for approximately 75 minutes to watch the video and take the quiz.  A 90% on the quiz is considered passing.

Complete Online Officer Orientation

The organization’s constitution is the organization’s guiding document! It is important that the constitution outline specific guidelines, structure, and ways the organization will be governed. Reviewing and amending, if necessary, the constitution every year is highly recommended.

The organization’s constitution must be created or updated before the registration form is completed.

For more details on CSU constitutional requirements, formatting and drafting, please refer to the CSU Constitution Template or the Registered Student Organization Handbook.

Completing the RamLink registration form is the final step!

An existing organization? 

The organization’s president or financial officer will need to access the registration form directly through their RamLink page.  Navigate to your organization’s RamLink page and click on the “Register” button located in the blue banner.

A new organization?

Congratulations on your pursuit to create a new student organization here at CSU! The SLiCE office recommends that you meet with a Registered Student Organization team member for some guidance.  The Registered Student Organization team member can provide you with some best practices on getting your student organization started, how to find an advisor, membership recruitment and other important items critical to success.

Additionally, the registration form for a new organization can be found on RamLink. Simply sign in with your CSU eID and password  and navigate to the “Organizations” tab on the top of the page.  Click on “Register” tab under Register a New Organization on the left of the page.

For additional questions regarding student organization registration, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.