Student Organization Center

The Student Organization Center (S.O.C.) is a space available to all members and advisors of registered student organizations at Colorado State University to utilize for organizational purposes. The S.O.C. has been designed to help supplement the necessary resources for enhancing activities and increasing the success of student organization programs and events.  General use of the room is free of charge as the cost is paid for through ASCSU and SLiCE through use of your student fee.

Any registered student organization can acquire a login for the computers and access to space on the server by completing a Login-Request Form at the bottom of this page.

The Student Organization Center aka The S.O.C.

The S.O.C. is a vibrant space designed to be used by all members and advisors of Registered Student Organizations.  The S.O.C. is located on the first level of the LSC near the SLiCE Office.

Items within the S.O.C. are:

  • Contains 4 computer-desk work stations
  • Student Organization meeting room
  • an open lounge area
  • multi-use & sized storage units
  • printers
  • a variety of art supplies
  • colored paper and ‘butcher’ paper
  • paints
  • markers
  • button maker and supplies
  • die-cut machine
  • laminator
  • stamps

The S.O.C. is designed to provide Registered Student Organizations with the necessary resources and supplies to successfully host events, activities, and meetings related to being in a student group.

The Student Organizations Suite and Resource Room were made possible by: ASCSU (your student government!), the Vice President for Student Affairs’ Parent’s Fund, the Lory Student Center, the University Bookstore and Campus Activities.

Supplies for The S.O.C. are provided for by student fees. Please respect the room and its contents and utilize it appropriately. All SLiCE Office, Lory Student Center and University policies must be followed at all times.

The S.O.C. materials should be utilized for small, inconsistent projects. The room provides services/materials for maintaining the everyday functions of the student organizations and is not intended to replace any professional functions.

The S.O.C. Restrictions

  • No personal use
  • No materials supporting or opposing any political party, a ballot measure or a drive to put an issue on the ballot
  • No materials supporting a candidate or group of candidates formally running in any election for city, county, state, local, national, or campus offices
  • No materials supporting, promoting and/or organizing religious activities involving worship, devotion, prayer, mediation, etc.
  • No materials supporting, promoting and/or organizing a fundraiser for an entity not under the express control of Colorado State University