Little Shop of Physics Open House

Million-Volt Tesla Coil, Giant Fog Rings, and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream… oh, my! Over 300 hands-on experiments, science spectacles and interactive presentations are coming to the Lory Student Center on Feb. 25. Make sure you don’t miss the wind tunnel too; it’ll blow your mind! (Get it?)

The annual Little Shop of Physics Open House will feature experiments and programs run by Colorado State University interns, volunteers and science partners. For a full list of attractions and partners, click here.



Schedule Overview: 

10:30 a.m.: UNC Science Demos
11:00 a.m.: Giant Fog Rings
11:30 a.m.: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Noon: Plush Projectiles
12:30 p.m.: The Million-Volt Tesla Coil
1:00 p.m.: Giant Fog Rings
1:30 p.m.: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
2:00 p.m.: Plush Projectiles
2:30 p.m.: The Million-Volt Tesla Coil
3:00 p.m.: Giant Fog Rings
3:30 p.m.: UNC Science Demos
4:00 p.m.: Grand Finale


Get The Scoop

Off-Campus life is excited to host the upcoming event – Get The Scoop. The organization will be giving away free ice cream to anyone in the neighborhoods surrounding Colorado State University. On Aug. 6-7 from noon to 3. Off-Campus Life will travel through different streets in the Fort Collins community.

The program began as the “Kona Ice Project” in 2013. Since, then the name has transformed, but the mission is still the same. The Get the Scoop Program aims to welcome both students and community members back toe the neighborhoods and new school year.

Come join the the rest of the community, grab some free ice cream and get to know your neighbors.

Band Interview: Sour Boy, Bitter Girl

For the past three years, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl has been performing their “Red Hot Regret Rock”.

“I’ve never been able to pin down a really accurate name for what we do,” Benjamin Buttice the guitar player and vocalist explained, “It’s somber. But not without humor. It’s loud. But not without subtlety.”

Sour Boy, Bitter Girl plays original songs written by by Benjamin and arranged with the band. However, they are known to do a cover every once in a while.

The band members include Benjamin who plays the guitar and sings. Alex Bailey plays the bass and sings as well. And the drum player, Mitchell Keller, also sings but only in the studio.

The band has played all over the country. The locations include 1000 cap venues to living rooms. They have even played in several barns in different states. However, they cannot pick one place that absolutely tops the others.

Sour Boy, Bitter Girl has their own particular reason for enjoying playing shows at the Ramskeller.


“I like to think that there might be one or two students in that room that are paying enough attention to realize that there is real culture in their town,” Said Benjamin, “Maybe, they’ll invest some time and heart into it. Even if it’s fleeting.”


Benjamin went to Colorado State University for a bachelor degree in Fine Arts. To hear recent updates from the band, click here. To view the full schedule for the LSC Live performances click here.



Human Rights Film Festival begins this weekend

The Act Human Rights Film Festival begins this weekend, April 15 – 22. The festival’s name, ACT, stands for “awaken, connect, transform”.

Colorado State University’s Department of Communication Studies debuts the inaugural, weeklong Act Human Rights Film Festival on CSU’s campus and the Lyric Cinema in Old Town, Fort Collins.

What to Expect at the Film Festival

Throughout the week, human rights films from around the world will be shown at either the Lory Student Center or Lyric Cinema. Fifteen films address several topics, such as human trafficking, homelessness, and political corruption.

Each film screening is hosted by a moderator who will provide a background to the film and lead a post-film Q&A session with individuals familiar with the creation, production and subject matter of the film: from filmmakers and producers to policy experts, scholars, and journalists.

This film festival is exemplary because after the screening and Q&A nonprofit representatives will be on-hand to help connect film-goers to additional information, opportunities for action and organizational involvement. Films are paired with a nonprofit organization whose mission and programming align with the topic of the film.

Students and community members can purchase tickets to individual films here.
Learn more about the film festival by visiting the website or by reading the College of Liberal arts Magazine article.