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Website Training Manual

Your new website is built on a very powerful, user-friendly content management system but not everything is as intuitive as we'd like it to be. If you're stuck, here's a quick reference for common tasks for making the LSC site great!

Website Advertising

The new Lory Student Center website provides advertisers with access to over 18,000 visitors every month. Three designated and high-visibility opportunities are available to choose from complete with analytics.

Website Revisions

The Lory Student Center marketing shop provides an in-depth knowledge of usability standards and best practices on the web to help get your message in front of your audience more efficiently.

Website Design

Having a web presence is a business necessity. Building websites that integrate usability standards to drive engagement and convert visitors into customers is our mission as the digital marketing team.

Function Point Access

For access to our online collaboration tool, please submit a request here and wait for a member of our digital team to follow up with your credentials in order to submit work requests via Function Point.

Website Editorial Access

To manage your website content, please request editorial access here. Our digital team will provide you with credentials along with Wordpress training in order to get you started with content editing.

Indoor Display Ads

The Lory Student Center averages 20,000 visitors per day during the academic school year. Our indoor digital displays capitalize on this traffic by providing a stunning economical impact for your advertising dollar.