Slice Engagement Programs

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Alternative Break

This program is an immersion experience into different cultural, environmental and socioeconomic communities across the nation. See the world, serve the world.

Cans Around the Oval

Cans Around the Oval is a CSU tradition, where students, faculty, and staff partner with members of the community and the Food Bank for Larimer County to help solve food insecurities.

Service Central

Identify volunteering opportunities with local community agencies and non-profits. Visit our volunteer calendar for up to date volunteer opportunities.

Rams Against Hunger

The goal of Rams Against Hunger at Colorado State University is to serve as emergency food relief for Colorado State University undergraduate students experiencing food insecurity.

30 Days

Are you an environmentalist that's curious about what it might be like without a car? A philosopher who has wanted to read the Bible but never got around to it? Accept the challenge for 30 days by starting today!

Service Learning

Service Learning integrates service and academic learning to promote understanding while helping students develop knowledge, skills, and cognitive capacities to deal effectively with complex social issues and problems.


This program pairs CSU student volunteers with teens in the community who have a variety of complex needs. Offering mutually beneficial relationships and learning for both teens and college students.

SLiCE Adaptive Swim

Each week, students and their partners spend an hour in the pool for exercise, games, and friendship while developing relationships, improving body coordination and just having fun in the water!

Project Homeless Connect

Project Homeless Connect is a one-day event that provides individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness with access to vital services such as basic medical exams, legal advice and much more.
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