This is the Story of the Lory Student Center Revitalization

At its October 2011 meeting, the Colorado State University System Board of Governors approved the revitalization of the Lory Student Center. The project included renovation of 160,000 gross square feet of the old student center – which originally was built in 1962 – and added approximately 40,000 gross square feet of new space.

Encompassing three major aspects, the project intended to:

  1. Improve building infrastructure and systems,
  2. Organize and highlight Student Diversity Programs and Services, and
  3. Target growth that aligns with Colorado State University’s land grant mission.

Updates to the student center exterior and the 50-year-old mechanical systems provide substantial change in energy performance and efficiency, while life safety and accessibility deficiencies were corrected.

New space growth focused on the ballroom, dining and food venues, meeting rooms, student lounge spaces, and building infrastructure.

Total approved funding for the student center renovation is $65M, $60M of which is bonded and $5M will come from Lory Student Center reserves. Students approved a $70 student center fee increase in April 2011 to pay for the revitalization. The fee increase goes went into effect after project completion of Fall semester 2014.

About 20,000 people pass through the halls of the Lory Student Center every day.

Phase 3 Updates – North End Renovation 2022/2023
Upgrades to the Lory Student Center and expansion of the Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS) office

North End renovation work is in full swing at the LSC, with upgrades to Level 200 of the CSU Bookstore beginning in mid-February. Level 200 of the Bookstore will close beginning Feb. 18 through early May, prior to spring commencement. All Bookstore goods and services are available on Level 100, which was renovated last year. Entrance through the Plaza Level northeast doors by the Bookstore will no longer be available beginning March 6, and the nearby north interior stairwell also will be closed through spring semester. LSC workers will replace a transformer on the northeast side of the LSC, so foot traffic will be temporarily rerouted.

Work will also continue on the third floor. The ALVS offices will be expanded from 1,800 square feet to more than 8,000 square feet. The ALVS area is also expected to reopen by spring commencement.

In addition to new duct work throughout renovated spaces, a more energy efficient HVAC system will be installed, bathrooms will be updated and elevator access to the third floor will be created.

Pedestrians can still access the LSC Plaza from the northeast parking lots, and the doors to the west side of the Engineering building will remain open.


The Lory Student Center Revitalization Plan for the Next 50 Years

LSC Master Plan: The Next 50 Years

  • Celebrate the purpose & mission of the LSC
  • Expand capacity in venues
  • Improve programming opportunities by creating unique & flexible spaces
  • Clarify circulation in the LSC
  • Upgrade building infrastructure to be sustainable & supportive of next-generation technology
  • Develop a phased implementation strategy

Theatre Renovation 

  • Project Cost $6M
  • No Student Fee Increase Requested, SFRB Approved Spring 2010
  • Construction began – June 2011
  • Project completed – June 2012
  • Architects Aller/Lingle/Massey/Perkins

Walking Tour Milestones

Land-Grant Wall

The Morrill Act, groundbreaking legislation by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, created the nation's land-grant university system. CSU, Colorado's only land-grant institution, celebrated the Act's 150th anniversary in 2012. The Lincoln and Land-Grant Walls pay tribute to this act and Colorado State's history.

Duhesa Gallery

The Duhesa Gallery is located on the 300 level of the Lory Student Center, just east of the Grand Ballrooms and adjacent to the Native American Cultural Center office. This gallery provides a space to experience Native American art, and its roots to Northern Colorado history and Colorado State University.

Ram Welcome Wall

Directly across from the Campus Information and Box Office desk on the 200 level of the LSC you'll notice the Ram Welcome wall that displays photos from the last four years of entering first year and transfer students. Photos rotate each year so students can find themselves throughout four years at CSU.

Fight Song / Alma Mater

The CSU Fight song symbolizes spirit at CSU. When you hear the fight song, you should uphold tradition by standing up and singing along, pumping your fist in the air when you get to the last line. The Fight Song and Alma Matter Wall evokes this school spirit and Ram pride throughout the Lory Student Center.

Water Fountain Quotes

Each of the seven water fountains throughout the Lory Student Center displays quotes from many of Colorado State’s distinguished Presidents and Vice Presidents, including the late Mary Ontiveros, CSU’s first Vice President of Diversity, and Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Blanche Hughes.

Research Wall

The research wall located on the Level 300 of the LSC highlights CSU researchers, projects, awards, events, and donors, with photo slideshow and research videos. Each of the four panels is inspired by scientific methods and creative processes as depicted by CSU graphic design professor John Gravdahl.

Theatre Renovation

Renovated in 2012, this awe-inspiring venue boasts wood walls reminiscent of Colorado's mountainscape, retractable seats to create banquet or stadium-style seating, and an open lobby with a view of the Sutherland Community Garden, the plinth wall, and some of Colorado's finest scenery.

Lincoln Mural

The Morrill Act, groundbreaking legislation by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, created the nation's land-grant university system. CSU, Colorado's only land-grant institution, celebrated the Act's 150th anniversary in 2012. The Lincoln and Land-Grant Walls pay tribute to this act and Colorado State's history.

SDPS Graphic Identity Walls

Each Student Diversity Programs & Services office received an identity wall mural outside of their office that is reflective of their story. The Lory Student Center serves as a space of diversity and inclusion and each mural is reflective of the experiences and legacy each office offers.

Curfman Gallery

The Curfman Gallery is named after respected exhibition designer and former Colorado State University professor, the late John H. (Jack) Curfman. This updated gallery is accessed from the south entrance of the LSC and includes a light-filled two story design with additional exhibition space to the west.

Grand Ballroom

Our Grand Ballroom is the largest in Northern Colorado at 15,000 square feet and can be split into four separate ballrooms each with its own audio visual capabilities. To the west, our ballrooms feature an Electrochromatic glass that can be dimmed manually or by the natural light outdoors.

Signature Ram Head

Upon entering the main building from the plaza on the east side of the Lory Student Center, look up to encounter the distinctive Ram Head installation is the first of its kind. Built with 4,213 acrylic rods – 2,782 green and 1,431 clear – and suspended from the ceiling by four stainless steel rods - welcoming the CSU community.