Rainbow in the Mazie

Sylvia Edwards is an abstract watercolor artist. She was born in Boston Massachusetts and studied painting and illustration in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts School and the Massachusetts College of Art. She married Sadri Golestaneh and moved to Iran for fourteen years before moving to Switzerland and then London.  Her work showcases her close appreciation of Islamic Art as well as has the influences of Klee Rothko Matisse and Milton Avery. Her works of art have been accepted into public collections in the USA, Europe, and Africa, have been reprinted by the million for UNICEF. The imagery within her work has lighthearted and optimistic characteristics that showcase a reflective dimension that gives insight to her environment and her life and has been said to be a longing for truthfulness. The use of color and form shows a celebration of the visible world as well as shows a visionary representation fo figures engaged within their background. Her more abstracted works later on in her career have some element of the human figure that goes with the abstracted geometric elements that are also prevalent that all are very lyrical and flow together. Her later work also had the overarching concept of “undoing the square” which is a metaphor for her longing for freedom.