Second Rotation by Diana Baumbach, in collaboration with Jessica Kondrath

Second Rotation brings together the work of Diana Baumbach and Jessica Kondrath in a choreography and print exhibit. Baumbach is a visual artist based in Wyoming, while Jessica Kondrath is a choreographer/dancer based in Long Beach. Both artists took inspiration from lunar cycles, gravitational pull and the weightlessness of space to create this new multi-media project. Kondrath choreographed movement, while Baumbach created digital projections cast atop the dancers. Additionally, this exhibit features custom printed patterns that were integrated into their costumes. Presented as an exhibition, Second Rotation will make visible the creative dialogue that took place across the country between these two artists. Together they use the language of movement, adornment, light and image to explore the cyclical nature of life. A film of the Many Moons performance will be presented on a wall-mounted flat screen TV which will be lent by the artist for the duration of the exhibition.

You can find more about Diana Baumbach here.

Second Rotation Baumbach