Officer Orientation for Student Organizations

November 9, 2015

Ever wonder about the many benefits of being a recognized student organization at CSU? The Officer Orientation for Student Organizations will provide you with all of the information you need to set your organization in the right direction and on the path to becoming a CSU recognized student organization.

SLiCE requires at least two officers to attend an officer orientation session (this does not apply to Sport Clubs who have their own Recreation Center orientation), but additional officers, members and the advisor are welcome and encouraged to attend an officer orientation.

During the meeting, officers will learn important information regarding the SOFA account used by student organizations as well as fundraising opportunities and potential grants. Attendees will be guided through the online Ramlink process and receive valuable tips to better facilitate your student organization.

The next Officer Orientation for Student Organizations session will be today. For the full Fall 2015 Officer Orientation Schedule, please visit the Officer Orientation section of the new Lory Student Center site.

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