Favorite Study Spots in the LSC

May 6, 2016

The LSC is filled with comfortable and spacious places to start your cram session. This is just a short list of our favorite places to study. So grab your books, binders, laptops, protractors, mechanical pencils and study buddies and set up shop in the Lory Student Center. Your GPA will thank you and so will your future self.

Just make sure you double check study rooms and lounge areas during LSC Late Night from 6 p.m. – midnight. There are 3 distinct zones so make sure you aren’t in the Refuel Zone (level 200) during LSC Late Night!

This list details — from the top of the building to the bottom — the hidden gems that are designed to help you gather and learn.

1. The Duhesa Art Gallery, Level 300
Located on the second floor right across from the main entrance, the gallery is filled with benches perfect to start studying on. It is conveniently located upstairs from Sweet Sinsations in case you need a quick caffeine boost.



2. The Grand Ballroom Lounge and Legacy Lounge, Level 300
The grand ballroom lounge is located on the second floor outside of the Grand Ballroom. It’s a great space to get comfortable for an all day study session. (The couches are cozy.) The Legacy Lounge is just south of that (and right above the Diane Warren Kindness Lounge) and has a warm dual-sided fireplace which leads to our next suggestion…



3. The Diane Warren Kindness Lounge, Level 200
The calm atmosphere in the lounge is accompanied by a great view, fireplace and a sculpture located outside the large windows. It is usually quiet so it is perfect to finish your last minute readings. It’s located down the hallway from the Intermissions coffee shop. If someone is playing the ivory keys, some live music may accompany your studying.



4. The Hallery, Level 100
The Hallery is the level 100 hallway lined with tables. The walls are pleasantly decorated with student artwork to keep you feeling creative during those last minute writing frenzies. Bring a microwavable late night snack if you want, the microwaves are conveniently located near the tables.



5. The Commons, Level 100
The Commons — located outside the Ramskeller — has a laid back atmosphere but remains relatively quiet. Big couches make group study sessions possible. There are also plenty of dining options in case your stomach can’t focus as long as your brain can. (This is also located next to the video-game check out, these games are projected on the big screens, awesome idea for a study break.)



For more information about places to study and the schedules visit the LSC Late Nite page. You’ll find a calendar listing the dates for savings and activities. You can also check out the video for more details: