Lory Student Center Milestones

September 30, 2016

The Milestones located in the LSC are designed to help detail the building’s spectacular offerings while providing a glimpse into the past. 13 different remarkable features are located throughout the LSC.

These Milestones include the Ramskellar, Curfman Gallery, ASCSU Senate Chambers, Ram Welcome Wall, Signature Ram Head, East West Corridor, Lincoln Memorial and Land-Grant wall, LSC Theatre, Venetian Class Tiled Main Staircase, Reasearch Wall, Duhesa Gallery and the Grand Ballroom.

After celebrating more than five decades of serving students, the LSC went through the student-backed Re-vitalization in 2014.

The Re-vitalization provided 40,000 square feet of meeting rooms, services, student-support, and business dedicated to the CSU community. The sustainable design utilizes reused local materials in the building’s exterior and natural light provided by “glass curtain” walls and the use of solar tube channels that light all levels.

We will showcase these spaces each Monday! Make sure to snap a photo, tag @CSULSC and use the #MilestonesMonday if you stop by any of the featured areas!