Mr. and Ms. Colorado State Homecoming Pageant 2016

September 30, 2016

The 5th annual Mr. and Ms. CSU Homecoming Pageant will be hosted in the LSC Theatre on Oct. 2 at 6 p.m. The Black/African American Cultural Center, located in the LSC, promotes both black beauty and CSU pride through the event. This pageant is intended to highlight that beauty comes in different forms. It also calls to attention that CSU’s campus is diverse and unique like the contestants.

Five sections make up the pageant; included are a collective dance done by all of the participants, a talent portion, interviews, and formal wear. The music used in the pageant will be Chance the Rapper’s newest album: Coloring Book.

Nine contestants will compete for the 2016 titles. They are as follows: Tahani Mohamed, Simbi Umwali, Karrenasia Barley, Davieon Oliver, Erica Bishop, Jaela Poythress, Lamine Kane, Alexis Jo’Von Gwin, and Devontay Tobe. The winners of last year’s pageant, Mohammed York and Sametra Woods, will be hosting the event.

Pageant titles are broken up into three different categories. The titles consist of Ms. And Mr. CSU Homecoming, Rams Choice, and Congeniality. Tickets are $5.00 pre-sale and $7.00 at the door.