Bonfils Blood Drive

January 19, 2017

Donation blood helps save millions of lives throughout the United States. One donation has the possibility of helping up to three different patients. The LSC, partnered with Bonfils Blood Center, is here it help. CSU has been connected with Bonfils for the past 45 years, during this time more than 39,000 units have been donated. Throughout the semester the University will be holding blood drives around the LSC. The first drive will be held on Jan. 19 with similar events throughout April and March.

Bonfils Blood Center was established as Colorado’s nonprofit community blood center in 1943. To maintain a state of readiness and meet the needs of Colorado patients, Bonfils has to collect more than 3,000 donations each week. By partnering with this organization, the Lory Student Center and CSU are hoping to assist the center in reaching their donation needs, but we need your help.

Stop by the donation events throughout the spring semester to help use save and enhance lives throughout the CSU, Fort Collins, and Colorado communities.