Behind-The-Scenes: Decor Contest

November 16, 2017

This past Homecoming, the Lory Student Center held an office decor competition around the theme of “Home.” To commemorate, the LSC offices decorated the 350,000 sq. ft building using the CSU green and gold colors.  The offices competed to win the LSC Decor Contest, where the best decorated offices had the chance to win an office party or specialty prizes.

Over the course of the week we saw countless offices spend days decorating their spaces,” said Hali Martin, a Colab: Lory Student Center Marketing employee who was tasked with managing the Homecoming decorations. “The offices came up with a multitude of ideas, ranging from serious to humorous. It was fun to see the depth of their creativity.”

The Homecoming 2017 Office Decor Winners:

1st place: Event Planning

2nd Place: Career Center

3rd Place: NACC

Over 200 balloons were placed around the Lory Student Center so that the whole building celebrated this past Homecoming.

The Executive Director’s Office embraced the Decor Contest by using cardboard decorations. To reflect the Home theme, The Executive Director’s Office changed the place into a kitchen. The cardboard kitchen also incorporated Cans Around the Oval, which is a food drive that is held every Homecoming and has become a CSU tradition.

“I think a lot of times we just go into the kitchen and don’t think about food insecurity,” says LSC student employee Marelino Castaneda. “It’s a luxury that not a lot of people have.”

Castaneda works at the Executive Director’s Office and created many of the office decorations for the LSC 2017 Decor Contest. Castaneda says that he wanted to raise awareness around food insecurity through the LSC Decor Contest’s Home theme.

Colorado State University’s Cans Around the Oval tradition demonstrates the difference one person can make. The University’s tradition first started when a single student created the food drive after reading about the issue of food insecurity. Cans Around the Oval has now become a community effort and involves both CSU and Larimer County. This year, Cans Around the Oval raised a total of 324,038 lbs. of food.

“Can you imagine if this pantry was empty?” says Castaneda, gesturing towards the cardboard pantry cutout. “I think it felt kind of rustic, plain, and drawn back, which stuck with with the message of food insecurity.”

The Executive Director’s Office didn’t miss a detail in their decorations. Even the time on the oven related to the Homecoming theme.

“We put the time on the oven as 8:15 p.m.,” said Marcelino Castaneda. “Since that’s the time of the [Homecoming football] game kickoff.”