Venetian Glass Wall and Duhesa Gallery Milestones 

March 2, 2018

Featured Milestones

Main Staircase, Center of East West Corridor           Level 300, East of Main Staircase


Duhesa Gallery

The Duhesa Gallery is located on Level 300 of the Lory Student Center, just east of the Grand Ballrooms and adjacent to the Native American Cultural Center. This gallery provides a space to experience Native American art and its roots to Northern Colorado history, as well as its connections to Colorado State University.

Created in 1986, the Duhesa Gallery acknowledges the significance of Native American heritage in the United States. The gallery exhibits works of Native American artists throughout North America. Duhesa is a Hopi word that means “one who appreciates beauty.” The goal of the LSC Arts Program is to highlight artists who thrive within the realms of both contemporary art practice and traditional methods and art forms.


Venetian Glass Wall

The Venetian Glass Tiled Wall along the Main Staircase connects the three levels of the LSC, and can be found in the center of the building in the East West Corridor. This milestone lies in the heart of the LSC and is a central feature of the building.

The original CSU Plaza, as designed in the 1960s, was an emulation of Italy’s St. Mark’s Square. That design is represented in the LSC’s original Venetian glass tiles on the three-level Main Staircase. This milestone reflects every color represented in the original LSC from 1962, and was preserved as a reference point for visitors.

                                                                                        Venetian Glass Wall, Lory Student Center


About the Lory Student Center

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