TEDxCSU: ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ Event asks audiences, ‘What if…?’

March 3, 2018

The Lory Student Center is excited to host the annual TEDxCSU event! This year’s theme is “What if…,” and takes place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 25 in the LSC Theatre and Grand Ballroom.

TEDxCSU is proud to be Northern Colorado’s only official TED event, and organizers are thrilled for the opportunity to bring CSU students, staff, and community members together in creative discussion. TEDxCSU is held throughout the LSC on CSU’s campus and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to share ideas.

This year’s TEDxCSU event will feature diverse speakers with unique topics, as well as a large Exhibit Hall highlighting Colorado businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators. One ticket buys one person admission to the full-day event, lunch, hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, and unlimited access to creative, critical thinking and discussion.

Attendees explore Innovation Alley at the March 2016 TEDxCSU conference at Colorado State University.

“This event is important to RamEvents because it fits our values of education, diversity, collaboration, innovation, and community.  Sponsoring and promoting this kind of event really fit,” said Jensen Woods, RamEvents External Relations and Public Relations. “It also brings people together from all over the community, like students, staff, teachers, and community members, in one place and provokes a lot of thoughts in a very cool way.”

“It also brings people together from all over the community, like students, staff, teachers, and community members, in one place and provokes a lot of thoughts in a very cool way.”

“It’s important to bring different viewpoints and ways of thinking into focus, and that’s what TED events do. It works best if you have the personality and topics to present,” said Timothy Curry, who auditioned and is hoping to find out in the final round if he has made it. “Whether I make it or not, I’m still going to attend because I really think events like this are great and important,” he said.

Jaelyn Coates presents “White People, Enough: A Look at Power and Control” at the TEDxCSU March 2017 conference at Colorado State University.

The theme “What If…” hopes to encourage innovative thinking about different lifestyles. CSU is passionate about TED’s mission to deliver talks and information on a wide range of subjects. TEDxCSU has been an annual event for eight years, and this will be the fourth year the event has been sponsored by RamEvents.

Presenters include:

Ryan England: “Helping Others by Helping Yourself”
Kodi Phelps: “Does This Expression Make Me Look Fat? An Exploration of the Ways We Learn and Unlearn the Number on the Scale”
Joe Akmakjian: “Your Ability Does Not Define Your Humanity”
Anca Selariu: “Future of Life and the Importance of Being Unreasonable”
Alexis Kanda-Olmstead: “The Science of Women’s Leadership”
Ryan Pearson: “Solar Control Window Paint
Laura Pritchett: “Making Friends with Death? Heck, ya! (And why its important to do so now, when it seems so far away)”
Amy Hoeven: “Who I Am: A Virtual Reality Journey of Unity through the Stories of Refugee, Immigrant, and First Generation Students”
Charlie Vollmer: “Artificial Intelligence will never exist…but it’s so much more than that!”
Patrice Palmer, Emcee, Academic Advisor for the College of Business; Instructor and Coordinator for the Business Diversity Leadership Alliance

If you don’t yet have tickets, hurry before they’re sold out! Check out some of last year’s speakers and topics.

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