Plan Spring Break with a Purpose

March 12, 2018

Good Luck on your Alternative Spring Break Trips, Rams!

The start of Spring Break means that many of our students and staff are packing their bags and planning fun-filled Spring Break journeys. Some students, however, have dedicated their time over Spring Break to participate in community service projects through SLiCE’s Alternative Spring Break program.

Alternative Spring Break gives students the opportunity to go abroad for credit or service and to experience different cultural, environmental, and socioeconomic communities across the nation during winter or spring breaks. Trips in the past have focused on a variety of social and cultural issues such as hunger, homelessness, issues facing Native Americans living on reservations, HIV/AIDS, environmental conservation, at-risk youths, women’s issues, and animal welfare.

“The Alternative Spring Break experience is quite different than a normal Spring Break experience. What you’re allowed to do is explore a passion area or gain perspective on what structures of the world are working out of balance, those that don’t serve communities fairly, those that are not fully just, to those they are supposed to serve,” said Michael Buttram, SLiCE Program Coordinator of Alternative Breaks.


“Students get to learn through an emersion experience. They go into a community with an attitude of humility for that community, allowing them to collaborate with that community and to help improve upon that community’s situation as it sees fit. They are there as guests, they are there to learn, and they are there to collaborate and hopefully gain some perspective to use the rest of their lives – perspective about how to approach the world in a more sensible and just way.” – Michael Buttram

This year they are 16 trips, with various focuses, such as:

  • Kids in underserved areas in Chicago
  • Refugees and immigrants who are arriving in Atlanta with the International Rescue Committee
  • Incarceration issues in San Francisco
  • Eco-tourism in Panama
  • A woman’s village in Kenya during Winter Break (applications for this trip are now open)

Alternative Spring Break programs are a great way to pay it forward and provide service in exchange for an unforgettable experience. These experiences allow students to be the change they wish to see in the world. If you missed the chance to go this year, don’t worry; there are trips every Winter and Spring Break. Applications open in October 2018, so start thinking about your own Alternative Spring Break now!

Check out SLiCE’s snapchat to see and learn more about Alternative Spring Break, and the CSU snapchat (ColoradoStateU) takeover March 12 through 15. Also keep visiting the SLiCE Instagram all week to see photos from students trips!




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