Sutherland Community Garden and Fight Song & Alma Mater Wall

March 30, 2018

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Locations: Lory Student Center Courtyard                          Wall across from the RamCard Office

Sutherland Community Garden

The Sutherland Community Garden, located in the center grass court of the Lory Student Center, features a plinth lawn and sculptures by alumnus Pard Morrison, donated by Tom and Jean Sutherland. The Ram Head Fountain features three original hand-carved ram heads from 1962. The LSC now hosts game-day celebrations before each home game in this garden.

The Sutherland Community Garden is named after Tom Sutherland( May 1930- July 2016)who is memorialized by the CSU community as an remarkable emeritus professor of animal sciences and a local philanthropist. Sutherland returned to the CSU community after being held for more than six years in captivity in Beirut. Sutherland was known for his generosity, optimism, kindness, and as a strong patron of the arts. The LSC has dedicated this space to remembering the strength, resilience, and sense of community that Sutherland inspired.


Fight Song and Alma Mater Wall

The CSU Fight Song and Alma Mater Wall are two “points of pride” in CSU traditions as outlined by Colorado State’s Alumni Association. The LSC prominently features both in each of the building’s main halls. The CSU Fight Song symbolizes school spirit at CSU. When you hear the CSU Fight Song, you should uphold tradition by standing up, singing along, and pumping your fist in the air when you get to the last line. The CSU Fight Song and Alma Matter Wall evoke this spirit and Ram Pride throughout the LSC.

CSU FIGHT SONG                                               

Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team,
on to the goal

Tear the (opponent’s nickname) line asunder
As down the field we thunder.
Knights of the Green and Gold,
Fight on with all your might.

Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;
Colorado State.
Memories are everlasting
of this place so great.
May thy Green And Gold unite us,
loyal ever be.

Colorado State, our Alma Mater,
Hail, all Hail, to thee.


About the Lory Student Center

The Lory Student Center is proud to foster an environment that honors and respects all members of the University community, and creates a friendly, inviting destination for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We are proud to be the gathering place for the campus community, and to offer vibrant social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities that stimulate discussion and debate.