Five Ways to Navigate the LSC

April 12, 2018

The Lory Student Center is home to many offices and events. There are six ballrooms, six lounges, 29 meeting rooms, several student services offices, and many other dining, studying, and relaxing areas – all in 350,000 square feet on three floors. In a building that serves so many purposes and sees thousands of visitors each day, even the most seasoned CSU students can have a difficult time navigating these halls. No worries; the LSC has you covered! Here are five resources to help you find your way.

No. 1: Kiosks

Seven kiosks are located throughout the building and can be found in areas that see heavy foot traffic. They include daily event notices and directional signage. Standing 7-feet tall, the kiosks are hard to miss and easy to read.


Your Trusted Resource for Navigating the LSC with Confidence-LSC Web Page

No. 2: Wayfinding Signage

When there are large events, or when the LSC is expecting several outside guests and community members, additional signage will be added to help with wayfinding. There is also permanent wayfinding signage along most intersecting hallways that display directional arrows and room numbers. Here’s a tip: The room numbers start lower at the south side of the building, and by the East Entrance, and increase as you head north or west through the building toward the Transit Center.

No. 3: Interactive Maps

Six of the interactive digital display screens in the building function as wayfinding maps. The interactive maps can be found at major entrance, and in areas that see heavy foot traffic. Just tap the screen, find and tap your destination, and the map will highlight the fastest route to take through the building. It’s a relatively new feature that is incredibly easy to use and time effective.

Locations of interactive maps:

  • Level 100 Transit Center main entrance, on the wall to the left of the Information Desk
  • Level 200 South Entrance, outside the Curfman Gallery
  • Level 200, outside the Ram Tech store
  • Level 200 West Entrance, next to the restrooms
  • Level 200 East Entrance, across from the Information Desk
  • Level  300 up the Main Staircase, to the left of the Event Planning offices

No. 4: LSC Staff Members

There are information desks located by the Level 200 East Entrance as well as in the Transit Center entrance on Level 100. The staff behind these desks are available to provide information, resources, and assistance to anyone in the LSC. If they do not know the answer, they will know whom to ask and where to look. In addition, the LSC is staffed with dedicated students and professionals ready to help serve and point you in the right direction. Just look for people sporting name badges because Rams help Rams, especially when they are lost!

No. 5: Online Building Maps

One way to prepare – before even entering the building – is to check out the online building maps here. Here’s a tip: Know the room number prior to coming into the building; this will help you navigate and will help you ask for directions. Check out the video below for a quick tour of the LSC to help you get started.


About the Lory Student Center

The Lory Student Center is proud to foster an environment that honors and respects all members of the University community, and creates a friendly, inviting destination for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We are proud to be the gathering place for the campus community, and to offer vibrant social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities that stimulate discussion and debate.