Get to know the LSC Brand Markers: University Seal and Extension

May 17, 2018

Featured Brand Markers

Location: South Exterior Wall of Ballroom C, South Exterior Wall of Ballroom A

Colorado State University Seal reflects Land-Grant Mission

The CSU Seal closely resembles the state of Colorado seal, but the University’s seal includes the words education, service, extension, and research that highlight  attributes the University finds most reflective of the land-grant mission. Both seals contain the eye of god within a pyramid, which is placed above a bundle of elm rods bound together with a projecting axe blade. The axe blade represents strength, authority, and leadership; qualities that both CSU and the state of Colorado have identified as important in their dedication to progress.

Since its founding in 1870, CSU has experienced a few name changes. Colorado Agricultural College welcomed its first students in 1879, and by 1935, the University was known as Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (Colorado A&M). Eventually the school was renamed in 1957 to Colorado State University, and offered a diverse curriculum and more advanced degrees.


Extension Services:

In 1879, the Extension Services of Colorado State University were established as early off-campus farmers’ institutions. Throughout the century, services provided by Extension Services have been essential to the survival of the communities within the state, especially during the Great Depression. Extension Services has created programs through a combination of local and federal government aid, and helped with the the dissemination of important agricultural and home economic information that improved the quality of life throughout the state. By attending to the issues of rural populations, projects like the Human Wildlife Interaction Program and Water Management Project prove that the effects of the CSU’s Extension Services have been far-reaching.