Spotlight on Jerrel Siler

October 9, 2018


Jerrel at the Statue of Liberty Monument on Liberty Island in July

Environmental Service Supervisor, LSC


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

When I have the free time, I like to get on the computer to either surf the internet or play a pc game.  After working a long day, I also like to do a little bit of running and lifting weights.

What are the values that drive you?

I like to live by the values that my previous department (Housing & Dining Services) have upheld and taught me: Customer-first service, being committed to both our students and staff members, upholding integrity, respect, and working as a team, creating an environment that welcomes all members in our community, innovation, and stewardship.

What has been your career progression? What have you learned at each step that has lead you to where you are today?

About five years ago I started as an hourly student working for Housing & Dining Services cleaning off-campus apartments, offices, and dining halls. Eventually I was hired as a state classified in November 2015 as an Environmental Service Technician Lead for Housing & Dining.  I worked in this position for two and a half years before I received the Environmental Service Supervisor position at Lory Student Center. What I have learned is that you never stop learning. Every day you can learn something new. I learned how to listen to people, whether it is listening to other staff members or listening to our students and guests. And lastly, I have learned how to stay positive, even on the chaotic days.

How do you maintain work/life balance?

Besides working as a full-time state classified employee, I am also a part-time CSU student. So to balance work and school, I try my best to plan about a week or two ahead and stick to a schedule or routine.

Where would you like to go on vacation if you had a month off and money was no object?

With Colorado being the most west that I have been in the United States, I would most likely take a month to explore the western half of the United States visiting Nevada, California, and Washington, to name a few. I would even try to visit Alaska and Hawaii if I had the time.

What are your career aspirations?

I would like to continue working at CSU once I graduate, as I love working here and I believe in our principles and values. As someone who loves to be around computers, my hope would be to get a career at CSU working with a team of software engineers once I graduate.

Tell us about your family, kids, hobbies.

Besides the computer and playing old-school video games, when time and money allows it, I like to travel to new places. I usually like to visit my close friends and family. Most of my family lives on the East Coast. I also have a two-year-old son.

What are some of your personal goals for the position you hold within the LSC?

One of my goals is to be committed to the staff members at Lory Student Center. I want to help all of us be as successful as possible in our positions by providing us with context and guidance to support us during the challenging times.