Sutherland Community Garden and Fight Song & Alma Mater Wall

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Locations: Lory Student Center Courtyard                          Wall across from the RamCard Office

Sutherland Community Garden

The Sutherland Community Garden, located in the center grass court of the Lory Student Center, features a plinth lawn and sculptures by alumnus Pard Morrison, donated by Tom and Jean Sutherland. The Ram Head Fountain features three original hand-carved ram heads from 1962. The LSC now hosts game-day celebrations before each home game in this garden.

The Sutherland Community Garden is named after Tom Sutherland( May 1930- July 2016)who is memorialized by the CSU community as an remarkable emeritus professor of animal sciences and a local philanthropist. Sutherland returned to the CSU community after being held for more than six years in captivity in Beirut. Sutherland was known for his generosity, optimism, kindness, and as a strong patron of the arts. The LSC has dedicated this space to remembering the strength, resilience, and sense of community that Sutherland inspired.


Fight Song and Alma Mater Wall

The CSU Fight Song and Alma Mater Wall are two “points of pride” in CSU traditions as outlined by Colorado State’s Alumni Association. The LSC prominently features both in each of the building’s main halls. The CSU Fight Song symbolizes school spirit at CSU. When you hear the CSU Fight Song, you should uphold tradition by standing up, singing along, and pumping your fist in the air when you get to the last line. The CSU Fight Song and Alma Matter Wall evoke this spirit and Ram Pride throughout the LSC.

CSU FIGHT SONG                                               

Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team,
on to the goal

Tear the (opponent’s nickname) line asunder
As down the field we thunder.
Knights of the Green and Gold,
Fight on with all your might.

Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;
Colorado State.
Memories are everlasting
of this place so great.
May thy Green And Gold unite us,
loyal ever be.

Colorado State, our Alma Mater,
Hail, all Hail, to thee.


About the Lory Student Center

The Lory Student Center is proud to foster an environment that honors and respects all members of the University community, and creates a friendly, inviting destination for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We are proud to be the gathering place for the campus community, and to offer vibrant social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities that stimulate discussion and debate.

Venetian Glass Wall and Duhesa Gallery Milestones 

Featured Milestones

Main Staircase, Center of East West Corridor           Level 300, East of Main Staircase


Duhesa Gallery

The Duhesa Gallery is located on Level 300 of the Lory Student Center, just east of the Grand Ballrooms and adjacent to the Native American Cultural Center. This gallery provides a space to experience Native American art and its roots to Northern Colorado history, as well as its connections to Colorado State University.

Created in 1986, the Duhesa Gallery acknowledges the significance of Native American heritage in the United States. The gallery exhibits works of Native American artists throughout North America. Duhesa is a Hopi word that means “one who appreciates beauty.” The goal of the LSC Arts Program is to highlight artists who thrive within the realms of both contemporary art practice and traditional methods and art forms.


Venetian Glass Wall

The Venetian Glass Tiled Wall along the Main Staircase connects the three levels of the LSC, and can be found in the center of the building in the East West Corridor. This milestone lies in the heart of the LSC and is a central feature of the building.

The original CSU Plaza, as designed in the 1960s, was an emulation of Italy’s St. Mark’s Square. That design is represented in the LSC’s original Venetian glass tiles on the three-level Main Staircase. This milestone reflects every color represented in the original LSC from 1962, and was preserved as a reference point for visitors.

                                                                                        Venetian Glass Wall, Lory Student Center


About the Lory Student Center

The Lory Student Center is proud to foster an environment that honors and respects all members of the University community, and creates a friendly, inviting destination for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We are proud to be the gathering place for the campus community, and to offer vibrant social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities that stimulate discussion and debate.

Announcing Our Outstanding Student Employees!

The Outstanding Student Employee (OSE) Award honors LSC student staff who have displayed exemplary work and leadership skills. Lory Student Center Marketing sends out an email calling for Outstanding Student Employee nominations on the 1st of each month, unless there is a university holiday. The students are nominated by their fellow co-workers and supervisors. Each LSC director may award up to ten percent of the nominated student staff to receive the OSE award. Outstanding Student Employee recipients receive various awards, which can be found here. This November, we have eight students receiving the Outstanding Student Employee Award!

Our November 2017 Recipients:


Jackson Mulgrew: Student LTC Trainee
Mulgrew’s enthusiasm is infectious and he’s always willing to assist others.

Coalton Dillard: Customer Service
Dillard takes on every project and always adds hours when we need help during busy times.

Josue Larios: Online Retail
Larios broke his wrist, and maintained excellent customer service.

Cody Goodrich: Online Retail
Goodrich cancelled his vacation to work at the CSU bookstore.


Matthew Morris: Flea Market Manager
Morris is dedicated to enhancing the Ram experience.


Zack Jones: Student Web Developer
Jones’s love for problem-solving is inspiring!


Mary Sargeant: Assistant Catering Coordinator
Sargeant is able to provide extraordinary customer service.


Karla Carina Orozco: Student Coordinator
Carina Orozco is a self starter and manages not only her work, but also the work of the entire team.

Congrats to all of our hard working LSC student staff! We appreciate your dedication and you are all part of what makes the LSC a wonderful place. Nominate December Outstanding Student Employees here by Nov. 14th!

Behind-The-Scenes: Decor Contest

This past Homecoming, the Lory Student Center held an office decor competition around the theme of “Home.” To commemorate, the LSC offices decorated the 350,000 sq. ft building using the CSU green and gold colors.  The offices competed to win the LSC Decor Contest, where the best decorated offices had the chance to win an office party or specialty prizes.

Over the course of the week we saw countless offices spend days decorating their spaces,” said Hali Martin, a Colab: Lory Student Center Marketing employee who was tasked with managing the Homecoming decorations. “The offices came up with a multitude of ideas, ranging from serious to humorous. It was fun to see the depth of their creativity.”

The Homecoming 2017 Office Decor Winners:

1st place: Event Planning

2nd Place: Career Center

3rd Place: NACC

Over 200 balloons were placed around the Lory Student Center so that the whole building celebrated this past Homecoming.

The Executive Director’s Office embraced the Decor Contest by using cardboard decorations. To reflect the Home theme, The Executive Director’s Office changed the place into a kitchen. The cardboard kitchen also incorporated Cans Around the Oval, which is a food drive that is held every Homecoming and has become a CSU tradition.

“I think a lot of times we just go into the kitchen and don’t think about food insecurity,” says LSC student employee Marelino Castaneda. “It’s a luxury that not a lot of people have.”

Castaneda works at the Executive Director’s Office and created many of the office decorations for the LSC 2017 Decor Contest. Castaneda says that he wanted to raise awareness around food insecurity through the LSC Decor Contest’s Home theme.

Colorado State University’s Cans Around the Oval tradition demonstrates the difference one person can make. The University’s tradition first started when a single student created the food drive after reading about the issue of food insecurity. Cans Around the Oval has now become a community effort and involves both CSU and Larimer County. This year, Cans Around the Oval raised a total of 324,038 lbs. of food.

“Can you imagine if this pantry was empty?” says Castaneda, gesturing towards the cardboard pantry cutout. “I think it felt kind of rustic, plain, and drawn back, which stuck with with the message of food insecurity.”

The Executive Director’s Office didn’t miss a detail in their decorations. Even the time on the oven related to the Homecoming theme.

“We put the time on the oven as 8:15 p.m.,” said Marcelino Castaneda. “Since that’s the time of the [Homecoming football] game kickoff.”




Lory Student Center Milestones

The Milestones located in the LSC are designed to help detail the building’s spectacular offerings while providing a glimpse into the past. 13 different remarkable features are located throughout the LSC.

These Milestones include the Ramskellar, Curfman Gallery, ASCSU Senate Chambers, Ram Welcome Wall, Signature Ram Head, East West Corridor, Lincoln Memorial and Land-Grant wall, LSC Theatre, Venetian Class Tiled Main Staircase, Reasearch Wall, Duhesa Gallery and the Grand Ballroom.

After celebrating more than five decades of serving students, the LSC went through the student-backed Re-vitalization in 2014.

The Re-vitalization provided 40,000 square feet of meeting rooms, services, student-support, and business dedicated to the CSU community. The sustainable design utilizes reused local materials in the building’s exterior and natural light provided by “glass curtain” walls and the use of solar tube channels that light all levels.

We will showcase these spaces each Monday! Make sure to snap a photo, tag @CSULSC and use the #MilestonesMonday if you stop by any of the featured areas!

Display Case Marketing at the LSC

Did you know that the Lory Student Center has display cases located on the 100-level that reach 20,000 people each day during the academic school year? Do you want to know what’s even better? They are FREE for use.

Who Can Use Display Cases?

These display cases are open for use for any registered student organizations, University departments, and LSC entities and partners.

What Can Be Placed Inside?

We encourage people to be as creative as possible. That means banners, colored paper, photos, fabric, photos, trinkets, etc. are all perfect for display case designs.

How Long Can We Use it?

A maximum of 15 days per academic year (August-May) may be used by any group that meets the user requirements. Also, because traffic isn’t as high on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays are not counted toward those 15 days.

Want more information?

Visit the Display Case webpage for more information. Ready to reserve your Lory Student Center display case today? The marketing team at Colab:LSC Marketing Shop is looking forward to hearing from you!

Campus Closure Forces Postponed Event

Due to Colorado State University’s campus closure on February 2nd, 2016, the Black History Month Keynote featuring Melissa Harris-Perry has been postponed. The event will be rescheduled for another day this semester.

If you have already picked up your ticket for the event, you will be able to gain admission to the rescheduled event with your existing ticket.

The Black/African American Cultural Center (B/AACC), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.– the Tau Lambda Chapter, ASCSU, and RamEvents thank you for your patience. More information about the rescheduled event will be available at once details have been finalized.

Officer Orientation for Student Organizations

Ever wonder about the many benefits of being a recognized student organization at CSU? The Officer Orientation for Student Organizations will provide you with all of the information you need to set your organization in the right direction and on the path to becoming a CSU recognized student organization.

SLiCE requires at least two officers to attend an officer orientation session (this does not apply to Sport Clubs who have their own Recreation Center orientation), but additional officers, members and the advisor are welcome and encouraged to attend an officer orientation.

During the meeting, officers will learn important information regarding the SOFA account used by student organizations as well as fundraising opportunities and potential grants. Attendees will be guided through the online Ramlink process and receive valuable tips to better facilitate your student organization.

The next Officer Orientation for Student Organizations session will be today. For the full Fall 2015 Officer Orientation Schedule, please visit the Officer Orientation section of the new Lory Student Center site.

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Free Advertising in the Lory Student Center

Dear Members of Colorado State University’s Community,

Colab is excited to provide effective ways to market your programs, events and initiatives! The LSC has many advertising outlets, some of which require a fee. However, Level 100 display cases are FREE and provide excellent exposure to the campus community. Please pass this email on to everyone in your office who could benefit from FREE advertising!

What are display cases?

  • Please click on the link below to learn more about the display cases how to reserve one.

What are the benefits to using the display cases?

  • The LSC has more than 20,000 visitors each weekday
  • They can inspire creativity and add a personal touch to any message or event
  • They are FREE OF CHARGE to reserve

Who can rent the display cases?

  • Registered Student Organizations
  • University Departments
  • LSC Entities and partners

This is a chance for faculty, staff and even students to get creative and advertise for FREE. So click here to learn more, fill out a request and start advertising!

Lory Student Center

Lory Student Center Employee Attends Football 101 for International Students

On September 5, a collection of international students came together at the McGraw Auditorium to learn the fundamentals of American football. The group gathered at 10 a.m. and was introduced to the basic rules of the game by past CSU and NFL football players and even practiced our Stalwart Rams fight song.

Min, a Lory Student Center employee and computer information systems graduate student who attended the event had a great time learning the ins and outs of the American sport and the culture it represents. “It was a great opportunity to meet other international students, make new friends and participate in the spirit and pride of CSU and this game.”

After trying on football gear and throwing some passes, the group rode together to Hughes Stadium, had lunch and posed for a picture with Cam the Ram before getting a firsthand view of the Colorado State Rams as they ran through the gate to start the game against Savannah State. “It was very exciting; the energy in the stadium as the players and cheerleaders ran onto the field,” Min said as she recalled the experience.

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