Brand Champion Services

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LSC Business Collateral

Career Staff working in the Lory Student Center can access a wide-variety of LSC business collateral including business cards, email signatures, letterhead, name tags and customized note pads. With these materials, the Lory Student Center is activating all employees to extend the LSC brand experience within the community.

LSC Apparel

As part of the Lory Student Center Brand Champion Initiative, a line of LSC apparel choices provides a career staff and student employees with a consistent, professional appearance that reinforces the Lory Student Center mission to provide Colorado State University students with a supportive learning environment.

LSC Walking Tours

Looking to give someone a personal tour of the Lory Student Center and all its wonders? Look no further. We have all the materials you need to give your friends, guests, and/or constituents a tour of the recently renovated Lory Student Center.