Lory Student Center Evacuation Maps


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Lory Student Center Evacuation Procedure

Lory Student Center Evacuation Plan
LEVEL 100 - First Floor
Doors to MonitorStaff/Department*Areas to Clear
LNorth Transit CenterBagel Place IITransit Center Lobby Areas
NNorthwest Bookstore doors**Bookstore - 1st Floor
F/GSouthwest doors by Ramskeller**Campus ActivitiesCommons Area
LNorth Transit Center**Cam's Lobby ShopTransit Center Lobby Areas
CSouthwest door to Sculpture Garden & Main East Plaza**Career Center
Fraternity & Sorority LifeCommons Area
LNorth Transit Center**/***Info TooTransit Center Lobby Areas (emergency kit located in Ram Ride storeroom, Rm. 191)
North Transit CenterRamRideTransit Center Lobby Areas
HNorthwest doors by RamskellerRamskellerRamskeller; Commons Area
CSouthwest door to Sculpture GardenStudent Media
Student Organization CenterCommons Area
MNorthwest Transit Center doors**Transit Center
LEVEL 200 - Second Floor
Doors to MonitorStaff/Department*Areas to Clear
KALVS door**Adult Learner & Veteran Svcs.Grey Rock Room
BASCSU East Plaza doors**ASCSUSenate Chambers
JNortheast Plaza doors**Bookstore - 2nd FloorFlea Market
OEngineering Bridge**Business Ofc., IT Svcs., Marketing, HRBusiness Office Suite
EMain East Plaza doors**/***Campus Info, Box OfficeMain Lobby (emergency kit located in Rm. 241)
ASouth EntranceCurfman Gallery
EMain East Plaza doorsEl Centro
INortheast Plaza doorsFastPrintFlea Market
JNortheast Plaza doorsFirst National Bank
F/G/HWest Doors**Food Court Staff - student managersFood Court
INortheast Plaza doorsPride Resource Center (formerly GLBTQ2ARC)Study Room
INortheast Plaza doorsJames Salon
P Loading Dock**Kitchen Staff, Loading DockKitchen; Loading Dock
JNortheast Plaza doorsOff-Campus LifeFlea Market
JNortheast Plaza doorsRamCard
RAMtechFlea Market
EMain East Plaza doorsResources for Disabled Students
DNorthwest doors to Sculpture Garden**SLiCESunken Lounge
JNortheast Plaza doorsStudent Legal Services
**Sweet SinsationsMain Lobby
INortheast Plaza doorsWomen and Gender Advocacy Center
LEVEL 300 - Third Floor
Doors to MonitorStaff/Department*Areas to Clear
EMain East Plaza doorsAsian/Pacific American Cultural Center (APACC)Study Rooms
Aspen GrilleUniversity Club
EMain East Plaza doorsBlack/African American Cultural Center (BAACC)Study Rooms
INortheast Plaza doors**Building Manager
Catering StaffCatering Servery
E/GEast Plaza Doors**/***Event Planning OfficeMain Ballroom; Lobby; Registration (emergency kit located in Rm. 307)
Engineering Bridge**Event Tech ServicesNorth Ballroom; University Club; LaPorte; Virginia Dale; Cherokee Park
ASouth Entrance**Executive Director's OfficeTheatre
EMain East Plaza doorsNative American Cultural Center (NACC)Duhesa Lounge; East Balcony
ASouth EntranceOperations
** Staff with radios should cover doors.
*** Location of emergency kit.
NOTE: Locate Dolan Doss and Fran Wilson on radio. If unable to exit the building, five refuge locations have been identified. Level 100: 1) staircase south of Student Media, 2) staircase west of Campus Activities; Level 300: 3) top of staircase west of Executive Director's Office, 4) entry foyer by Grand Ballroom D, 5) Engineering Building covered bridge.