Newspaper Racks


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CSU publications must enter the coupon code ‘LSC’ for a free reservation.

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  1. Racks can be reserved for both on and off campus publications. All racks must be reserved before items may be placed in them.
  2. Racks are reserved for the fiscal year, beginning July 1. Patrons are responsible for the renewal of their rack spaces each year and must restock it with publications throughout the year.
  3. Each reservation can have a maximum of 2 shelves. If CSU affiliated organizations request 2 shelves, only one will be free.
  4. If a rack is empty for more than one week or if the publication is not current (more than one month old) the reservation will be terminated. If the reservation is terminated, the patron must reserve and pay for another rack if one is available.
  5. Only publications in newspaper and magazine format are permitted. (No flyers or brochures are permitted). Coupon books are permitted with a Manager’s approval.
  6. Patrons can reserve a space for the following amounts:-2nd Floor (by Campus Information Desk): $65.00 per shelf-1st Floor (by Campus Activities): $45.00 for CSU publications.

Reservations are on a first come, first served basis, and payment is due at the time of reservation. We accept cash and check. Please make checks payable to Campus Information and IO’s to the Campus Activities. A Campus Information and Box Office payment form is also required with payment.

Contact the Campus Information Manager via email or at (970) 491-5402 with questions or for more information!


Measurements per shelf are 14.5” high x 36.0” length x 4.0” width.