Our Galleries

The Lory Student Center Arts Program brings together diverse works from renowned artists to the CSU community. Within our three galleries, we offer various exhibition throughout the year. Below is a breakdown of what art to find and where in our galleries.

The Curfman Gallery

First of our galleries is the Curfman Gallery. Located in the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University, this gallery provides a showcase for the creations of nationally and internationally recognized artists, as well as the work of local and student artists. For more than three decades, the Student Center’s diverse exhibits of varying media have offered patrons an opportunity to interact with thought-provoking art, stimulating cultures and the history of CSU. Thus, the Curfman Gallery is a staple of the CSU Community.

Curfman Hours

Monday – Thursday

10am – 7pm


10am – 6pm


The Duhesa Gallery

Created in 1986, the Duhesa Gallery acknowledges the significance of Native American heritage in the United States. The gallery exhibits works of Native artists throughout North America.  Duhesa (Dew-He’-Sah) means ‘One Who Appreciates Beauty’. Therefore, the goal of the LSC Arts Program is to highlight artists who thrive within the realms of both contemporary art practice and traditional methods.

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