LSC Arts Exhibitions

Curfman Gallery
Cowgirls and Indians, by Sarah Sense

April 17 - June 1

Cowgirls and Indians

In this series, the artist, Sarah Sense, uses her roots as a Chitimacha/Choctaw Native American woman to draw inspiration for her art. Raised in California, Sense grew up with a strong influence of Hollywood idealism. She found the dichotomy between Cowboy and Indian iconography and history results in real consequences as a result of such stereotypes, becoming detrimental to the collective community and to the individual.

“My art explores questions of identity, and the influence that heritage, gender roles, ideologies, family values and the crossing over of cultural and personal experiences has had on my development and understanding of self.” –Sarah Sense

About the Artist

Sarah Sense is a visual artist working with traditional weaving techniques and digital photographic processes to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works that integrate travel journals, familial archives, landscape photography, and found imagery to tell stories. She has been exhibiting her woven photography since 2005.

Sense is from Sacramento, California and currently lives in Bristol, England. She has a BFA from California State University Chico (2003), and a MFA from Parsons the New School for Design, New York (2005).

Come by the gallery on Monday, November 5th at 4:30pm to hear her story!

Duhesa Gallery

January 15 - July 15

The Curfman Gallery is excited to host the annual Student Art Exhibition in the Curfman Gallery. After a rigorous jurying process, the student art submissions have been selected and will be displayed in the Curfman Gallery on Tuesday, November 27th. Stop by the opening reception for snacks and incredible artwork from the CSU community!

Bobbi Walker, owner of Walker Fine Art in Denver, juried the submitted artwork and will be giving her comments at 5p.m. during the reception.

Previous LSC Arts Exhibitions

Curfman: Fall 2017 Student Exhibition 11/14/17 to 2/2/18

The Student Art Exhibit at the Lory Student Center is the longest running exhibit on the Colorado State University campus. The call for this exhibit was open to all Graduate and Undergraduate students, but only the finest art was chosen. Out of the 420 pieces submitted a mere 60 were selected.  The Lory Student Center Arts Program is proud to present the greatest art that Colorado State University has to offer in 2017. We hope you enjoy this exhibit and appreciate these artist’s creative efforts.

The Juror

Lynn Boland joined CSU as the director of the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art in July 2017. He brings more than 20 years of experience in various academic and university museum roles and at many levels, including student intern, development officer, and gallery preparator. Since 2009, he had been the Pierre Daura Curator of European Art at the Georgia Museum of Art and adjunct professor in the Department of Art History at the University of Georgia. His publications have received awards from the College Art Association (CAA), the Art Libraries Society (ARLIS), and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), among others. Boland received his undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Georgia and a master’s and doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin, with a specialization in 20th century art.

Curfman: 20th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition

The only exhibition of its kind in North America featuring the world’s top poster artists and designers returns to CSU Sept. 20 with a lecture in the University Center for the Arts by honor laureates Joe Scorsone and Alice Drueding, whose work will be shown in the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art. The main opening for CIIPE, hosted by the Department of Art and Art History, will be held Sept. 22 in the Visual Arts Building and Lory Student Center’s Curfman Gallery, where posters also will be on display until Oct. 27th.

Duhesa: Saturated Stories: Collaborations Between Two Diné Artists

Saturated Stories was an exhibition held in the Duhesa Gallery and featured the work of two Diné (Navajo) painters, Nani Chacon and Jaycee Beyale. The exhibit featured their individual work and their collaborative murals.

Duhesa: Hands Off My Heritage 11/10/17

#HandsOffMyHeritage was an exhibition in the Duhesa Gallery of the Lory Student Center featuring 10 Native American artists addressing different aspects of the appropriation of Native culture. The LSC Arts Program collaborated with the Native American Cultural Center to bring the exhibition to campus.

Curfman: 2017 Student Exhibition 4/18/17 to 5/20/17

With over 300 student submissions, the 2017 Student Art Exhibition showcased the incredible talent of fellow CSU students and ranged across a broad spectrum of art mediums.

Curfman: Art and Science 2017 Exhibition 2/21/17

The 2017 Art and Science Exhibition combined two polar opposites, art and science, together to form an exhibit  of scientific reasoning and facts paired with artistic creativity and freedom. Artwork across all mediums was on display.

Curfman: Colorado De'VIA 11/1/16 to 2/1/16

The Colorado De’VIA Exhibition explored social justice and gave guests an opportunity to learn more about the deaf experience through different artwork and media.

Curfman: The Divergence of Light: Works by Davana Robedee and Shelby Shadwell, 10/23/16 to 10/14/16

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 – to Friday, October 14, 2016

Stop by the LSC to view the art work of Shelby Shadwell and Davana Robedee exhibited together in the Curfman Gallery. Both artists look at physical objects and create an experience for the viewer as a way to form connections. This exhibition will be in the Curfman Gallery until October 14, the gallery is open Monday though Saturday from 12 pm to 7 pm.

For more information about Davana Robedee visit her website here

For more information about Shelby Shadwell visit his website here

Hallery: R I G H T E O U S 9/6/16 to 11/6/16

R I G H T E O U S took place in the Hallery and featured art student Jackson Aldern. Jackson pulled together over two years of work to create this exhibition, one piece was featured in both the 2016 Student Exhibition as well as R I G H T E O U S.

Curfman: 2016 Annual Student Art Exhibit 3/29/16 to 5/20/16

The Student Art Exhibit at the Lory Student Center is the longest running exhibit on the Colorado State University campus. The call for this exhibit was open to all Graduate and Undergraduate students, but only the finest art was chosen. Out of the 202 pieces submitted a mere 32 were selected.

The Jurors

Amy Bradley

Being one of the founders of the Downtown Artery, Amy has played a chief role as the Director of Operations since the Artery’s birth. Amy earned her BFA from Colorado State University in 2012 with an emphasis in printmaking. She has turned her focus to screen printing and is currently in the process of establishing her own retail line called Peculiar Press LLC. In her free time, Amy bites her nails, draws weird faces and appendages, and drinks a lot of coffee.

Avalon Clare

Avalon Clare received her BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in 2008. She refers to her vibrant portraits of humans and animals as “digital drawings” because her process involves traditional pencil drawing on paper before being finished with digital line and color in Adobe Illustrator. Avalon is a Fort Collins native who lived in Philadelphia for 10 years, and she is very excited to be a part of the community of artists at the Downtown Artery. She is inspired by feminism, Lisa Frank, horses, bright colors, Patrick Nagel, animal print, interpersonal relationships, and strong women.

Duhesa: Reliquary 1/15/16 to 6/1/16

This exhibition featured Cannupa Hanska Luger, through the use of ceramic mixed media works artist Cannupa creates socially conscious work while representing his mixed genetic background of Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikata, Lakota, Austrian, and Norwegian. Cannupa embodies the cyclical nature of art and life in his work, in his artist statement he describes this cycle, “There seems to be a harmony between creation and destruction, one defines the other. A block of clay is destroyed to create a sculpture”. He creates art with the understanding that eventually the clay he uses breaks down and is returned to the earth. He emphasizes the representation of life

See more of his artwork at

Hallery: From Comics to Canvas 1/15/15 to 3/15/16

This exhibition featured Moriah Hummer, a local artist inspired by female empowerment. As the title “From Comics to Canvas” alludes, Moriah is the author of the comic “Flat Track Furies”, a comic about a monster/crime fighting roller derby team. In a world dominated by male superheroes Moriah is striving to create a comic and a form of art that empowers women. Since the creation of Flat Track Furies Moriah has begun creating portait style sketches of women from all different backgrounds. Using a combination of digital painting and a comic style Moriah creates strong women, she combines the fun and light-hearted nature of comics with fine art and feminism to tell the story of the woman she creates.

For more info about “Flat Track Furies” click here

Curfman: Wild Morphologies


The Curfman Gallery will be hosting Wild Morphologies on Tuesday, November 10th, 5-7pm featuring the work of Carla Aspenberg and Taryn McMahon.

Brought to you by the LSC Art Program. Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

This Project is sponsored by a grant from the Lilla B. Morgan Memorial Endowment, a premier supporter of the arts and culture and CSU.

Duhesa: Alyssa Hinton

Using vibrant colors that awaken the soul, mixed media artist, Alyssa Hinton, invokes a theme of spiritual awakening through her unusual southeastern Native American imagery. Her work is a provocative portrayal of the folklore and history surrounding her roots, utilizing tradition and vision with a contemporary edge.

Alyssa’s unique convergent art form has a universal appeal and an earth conscious message. Her textured narrative works speak to the preservation of both the ecology and indigenous culture, incorporating designs and concepts from southeastern mound culture.

Alyssa earned her B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art and her M.A. in Art & Design from North Carolina State University. She has studied internationally at the University of Grenoble, Parson’s in Paris, Beijing University, and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She was born in Philadelphia in 1962 and now lives in Durham, North Carolina.

Curfman: Student Art Exhibition 2015

The LSC Arts Program at Colorado State University is excited to announce the 2015 annual Student Art Exhibition. A wide range of artwork created by CSU students in a variety of 2 and 3-dimensional media will be on display in the newly renovated Curfman Gallery from April 14th to May 15th. All students are eligible to submit artwork.

Curfman: Arts and Science Exhibition 2015

The 9th Art & Science exhibit aims to showcase the place where art and science meet. A call for submissions went out to students, faculty, and staff looking for works of art that reference scientific concepts or pieces of science that look like art. The resulting juried collection shows us that fine arts and the sciences are not at odds with one another, but in fact they are often one and the same.

Artists 4 Art

Artists 4 Art seeks to showcase the work of local artists that not only create art but have also made their careers as art advocates in Northern Colorado. Each artist featured was invited to exhibit as part of group who are working to make our community a place where art can thrive and be accessible to the public. The resulting exhibition is a diverse look into local art makers and supporters.

Co-founders Max Ayars and Laura Truitt started Artisan Framing as an entrepreneurial venture that allows them to continue to be tied to the arts. They have bi-monthly shows that focus on Fort Collins and emerging area artists, and offer a wide range of picture framing services. They’ve enjoyed doing framing for local artists and CSU faculty and staff which allows them to be connected to the art community in Fort Collins. Their next show features local artist Marc Leverette’s larger than life portraits, with an opening reception on February 6th.

Hamidah Glasgow is the Executive Director and Curator at The Center for Fine Art Photography. The Center hosts approximately 17 exhibitions annually and features the work of emerging and established artists from around the world. The Center has been recognized as one of the prestigious nonprofit photography centers in the United States. Ms. Glasgow’s contribution to photography has included curatorial projects, portfolio reviews, contributions to publications and online magazines and the hosting of regional conferences.

I am the founder/ operator of Mad Deer Press, a public printmaking studio located within the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins providing studio access and exhibit space for local artists. We are pleased to offer a resident artist program in addition to visiting artist talks and workshops.  Our studio offers etching, relief, monoprint, polymer plate, screen print and polyester plate lithography.  Find us on Facebook or look us up at

As a student at Colorado State University my MFA emphasis in Sculpture was completed in the Fall of 2007.  During that time I was offered the opportunity of employment at CSU as the Programs and Exhibition Coordinator at the University Art Museum.  My work has continued professionally and creatively since that time. I have a strong appreciation and care for the museum at CSU and the creative practice.

Marc Leverette initially began his photography career while a student in south Florida. By 1998, at the age of nineteen, he had won Photographer of the Year from the Professional Photographers of Southwest Florida. That same year, as well as the following, he was awarded both Commercial Photographer of the Year and Illustrative Photographer of the Year from the same organization. In 2000 Marc pursued graduate studies in the northeast, earning an MA from New York University and a doctorate from Rutgers University. After a brief period in academia, where he published several books on popular culture, Marc settled down in Fort Collins and returned to his love of image-making. Marc works extensively with local artists and bands to create images that represent their efforts.

As part of my commitment to Community Arts, I am the publisher of the NorthernColoradoArtNews blog (  This blog hosts announcements, reviews, and dialogue for artists of all disciplines in Northern Colorado.  I am also excited to be teaching an Internship Seminar class through CSU’s LEAP Institute for the Arts this Semester.  During this class, students from CSU form partnerships with Artists and Organizations in the Northern Colorado Community.

I have lived and worked in Fort Collins since 2006. After receiving my MFA in Drawing at Colorado State University I have been actively involved in the arts – locally and elsewhere. Specific to Fort Collins, I was the Executive Director at the now defunct artists’ residency, ART342 for 3 years. I also served on the curriculum committee for the Arts Incubator of the Rockies and participated in corresponding workshops and programs. By teaching as an adjunct lecturer and occasionally jurying shows, I supplement my income as a professional artist. I believe when artists advocate for fellow artists, make challenging work and engage in critical discussion, a community like Fort Collins can and will support contemporary art.

Stanley Scott lives and works in Fort Collins, Colorado. He holds a BFA from Baylor University and a Master’s degree in printmaking from Colorado State University. His work has been shown and published internationally and has been featured in several respected national and international juried exhibitions. He works primarily in drawing and printmaking processes, as a fine artist and illustrator but he feels equally at home with a paintbrush or skill saw. He has installed art exhibitions professionally for the last thirteen years, most recently at the Lincoln Center art gallery, CSU’s Hatton Gallery, the Loveland Art Museum. He currently serves as manager for the Community Creative Center galleries at the old Carnegie Library in downtown Fort Collins. He has taught independent studio art classes and workshops, including printmaking classes at Anderson Ranch, and at the college level for the last five years. He serves as an adjunct with several colleges in the Front Range; teaching art appreciation and studio foundation courses, from intro and advanced drawing, to figure drawing and painting courses.

I am a recent graduate of Colorado State University majoring in art education. Being a Fort Collins native, I have loved the opportunity to grow up in a city so dedicated to the arts. I developed my passion for art through my high school art classes, where my art teachers inspired me to be a teacher myself. I have since then dedicated myself to sharing and feeding my passion for art in the community. My experiences have included many volunteer hours in art classrooms of all levels, an internship with Beet Street and Arts Incubator of the Rockies, and working through the CSU Lory Student Center Arts Program and the Curfman Gallery managing art in the collection and assisting in the setup of exhibitions. As I become an art teacher, I hope to share my passion in art with my students, and present them not only with a new way to view the world, but also themselves.

Contemporary Colorado

Contemporary Colorado is the inaugural exhibition in the new Curfman Gallery. Boasting 50 works from over 30 of Colorado’s top artists, this exhibition was juried by the MCA Denver’s Nora Burnett Abrams. Come join us in celebrating the exhibition and the artists on Tuesday, November 18th at 6:30pm in the Curfman Gallery.


Artists represented in the exhibition are:


Roland Bernier

Amelia Carley

Will Clift

Amber Cobb

Laura Cofrin

Samantha Combs

Adan De La Garza

Christina Battle

James Dormer

Nanci Erskine

Ian Fisher

Lili Francuz

Tomiko Jones

Luke Leavitt

Michele Ledoux

Charles Livingston

Noah Manos

Tom Mazzullo

Sarah McKenzie

Adam Milner

Elizabeth Morisette

Kate Petley

Doug Reese

Andrew Roberts-Gray

Lisa Russell

Gretchen Schaefer

Judd Schiffman

Paul Sisson

Kristin Stransky

Catherine Tuttle

Derrick Velasquez

Don Vogl

Chinn Wang

Katherine Warren

Edie Winograde

Anna Winter

Native Now Exhibition

Native Now highlights some exciting Native American artists, both up and coming and established, in our newly renovated Duhesa Gallery. Curated by Melanie Yazzie, professor of printmaking at CU Boulder, this exhibition hosts prints, paintings, and sculptures from across the country. 


Exhibit: October 16th, 2014- April 24th, 2015

Beyond Color: A Life Journey Using Art to Transcend Culture


The Curfman Gallery will be hosting Fauna Hodel on Tuesday, September 1st, 5-7pm for a discussion of the current exhibit in the gallery. Beyond Color: A Life Journey Using Art to Transcend Culture tells the remarkable story of Fauna Hodel, a woman who was born Caucasian but grew up believing she was black. The exhibition immerses visitors in Fauna’s experiences using the many artistic links in her life: cinema, fashion, music, writing, architecture, sculpture, photography and film.

Fauna Hodel will be on campus for a reception and book signing at the Curfman Gallery on Sept. 1, 5-7 p.m. She will return to campus at the end of the month as a speaker during the annual Diversity Symposium, Sept. 23-25.

Beyond Color is sponsored by CSU’s Department of Journalism and Media Communications, Culturs Club and the Curfman Gallery. The exhibit was developed by Global Multicultural Magazine, an online publication devoted to uncovering hidden diversity as well as the nuances of cultural communication in the 21stcentury.