At the start of every fall semester the LSC hosts Ramapalooza as part of Ram Welcome.

The Lory Student Center (LSC) is excited to celebrate a new year and welcome our new RAMS at Ramapalooza! Have fun and create community by joining us for live performances, casino games, laser tag, crafts, and more! Don’t miss out on free food, prizes, and a great time at our fall welcome event!

Check Out THIS YEAR'S Event Schedule!

Friday, August 17th, 2018
Lory Student Center

LSC Level 100                                                                     Locations

Bracelets                                                                            Career Center (LSC 120)

Lawn Games and Trivia                                                  The Sunken Lounge

Caricature Artist                                                               The Sunken Lounge

Free Food Samples                                                          Ramskeller (LSC 152)

Karaoke by RHA/NRHH & PRIDE                                 Ramskeller (LSC 152)

Ram Crafts                                                                          Student Organization Center

Specials and Giveaways                                                Cams Lobby Shop (LSC 178)


LSC Food Vendors Open                                               Locations

Cam’s Lobby Shop                                                            LSC Level 100

Ramskeller                                                                         LSC Level 100

Intermissions                                                                    LSC Level 200

Sweet Sinsations                                                               LSC Level 200

Bagel Place                                                                         LSC Food Court

Carl’s Jr.                                                                             LSC Food Court

Garbanzo Express                                                            LSC Food Court

Spoons                                                                                LSC Food Court

Subway                                                                               LSC Food Court

Taco Bell                                                                            LSC Food Court

That’s a Wrap                                                                    LSC Food Court


LSC Level 200                                                                     Locations

Art Exhibition                                                                     Curfman Gallery (LSC 200) (7:00-9:00pm)

Balloon Artist                                                                     Curfman Gallery (LSC 200)

Coloring                                                                               SLiCE (LSC 210)

SLiCE of Sweets                                                                SLiCE Conference Room

Remote Control Car Races                                            ASCSU and Senate Chambers

Disability Trivia                                                                  Student Disability Center (LSC 223)

Loteria                                                                                  El Centro (LSC 225)

DIY Playdough and Duct Tape Wallets                     WGAC and (LSC 226-228) (7:00-10:00pm)

DJ and Dance Contests                                                  Campus Information (LSC 240)

Photo Booth                                                                       Box Office Stairwell

Free Food Samples                                                          LSC Food Court (LSC 252)

Specials and Giveaways                                                CSU Bookstore (LSC 279) (7:00-9:30pm)

Caricature Artist                                                               Flea Market


LSC Theatre (Level 200)                                                 Locations

Joseph Roehm (Magician)                                            LSC Theatre (7:30-8:30pm)

Bovine Metropolis                                                           LSC Theatre (9:00-10:00pm)


LSC Outside: Live Music & Fun                                   Locations (Rain Location: Ramskeller)

Rat Doctor                                                                        Sutherland Community Gardens (7-8pm)

Chess at Breakfast                                                           Sutherland Community Gardens (8-9pm)

Earth Like Twins                                                              Sutherland Community Gardens (9-10pm)

Laser Tag                                                                             LSC Plaza

Swing Dance Society                                                         LSC Plaza

Cam’s Tailgate: Ram Ruckus (TBD)                             Near Sutherland Community Gardens

Glass Blower                                                                      Near Sutherland Community Gardens

RamEvents Table / Swag                                                Near Sutherland Community Gardens

Spray Spin Art                                                                   Near Sutherland Community Gardens

3D Elephant Art Projection                                            Near Sutherland Community Gardens

Water Station                                                                    Near Sutherland Community Gardens


LSC Level 300                                                                     Locations

Caricature Artist                                                               LSC 312

Trivia & Make Your Own Condom Roses                   LSC 322

DIY Dog Tags                                                                    Duhesa Gallery

DIY Bracelets                                                                     Native American Cultural Center (LSC 327)

Wii Video Games                                                             Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (LSC 333)

Wakanda Game Night                                                    Black / African American Cultural Center (LSC 335)


LSC Grand Ballroom (Level 300)                                 Locations

Colorado Casino Night & Giveaways                            Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

DJ                                                                                         Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

Airbrush Artist                                                                   Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

Balloon Artist                                                                     Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

Caricature Artist                                                                Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

T-Shirt Bags                                                                        Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

License Plate Names                                                         Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

DIY Alphabet Art                                                               Grand Ballroom (LSC 350)

Akinz T-Shirt Screen Printing                                        Grand Ballroom Balcony (LSC 350)

Water Station                                                                    Grand Ballroom