Council for Inclusive Excellence – Meeting Minutes

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LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence - Meeting Minutes

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Council for Inclusive Exclusion
Meeting Minutes 5.5.22

Present: Doni Aldine, Emily Ambrose, Geoff Valdez, Rodney Valdez, Doug Sink, Tom Stuve, Pamela Norris, Amy Lawton, Allison Ramirez, Michael Marr, Mike Ellis, Sonja Gibbins

Thanks to Doni: farewell event Thursday, May 19 at 3:30pm, Curfman Gallery

Check-in/concerns shared:

  • Reaffirm need to honor pronouns, support staff
  • Transgender display in Bookstore damaged
  • Interpersonal violence resources on campus
  • Use non-gendered language
  • Pressure test: 1. Acknowledge, Suggest, Require, Insist
  • One medical vendor for employees with disabilities/need for medical equipment challenging experience, employees have advocated for change with CSU HR; loosing confidence in support; no vendor accountability; concerns have been shared with VP of HR. Choices are different between State Classified and Administrative Professional.

Action Items:

  • Reflection room signage posted
  • CfIE web page updates made (Allison)
  • Recruiting for CfIE members: give names to Mike
  • Host an open space during SHAPE the Trainer for suggestions to hear feedback and interest in joining in CfIE (Emily/Michael)


  • Student employment fair; Career Center will host in early fall semester; how to ensure inclusion is centered in recruitment strategy
  • Onboarding enhancements with virtual orientations, materials to share with staff; consistency in sharing points of pride for who our student employees are IR data will come in June for student employee demographic, first generation, GPA (Michael)
  • Pull data on student staff wages to review (Stephanie); dynamic for departments to ensure they are competitive
  • Intercultural Development Inventory: several LSC staff getting trained to facilitate

Hope for next year’s CfIE

  • Best practices in hiring, on-campus employment is involvement and include this during orientation
  • Building community in the LSC
  • DEIJ statements in all of our student employment handshake job descriptions

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence 


In attendance: Doni Aldine, Rodney Valdez, Mike Ellis, Amy Lawton, Geoff Valdez, Tom Stuve, Pamela Norris, Allison Ramirez, Akankhya Ashavari

Check in:  

  • Welcome Allison from Colab/introduction
  • How is everyone doing?
    Any inclusive experiences or updates to note? 
  • Feedback that reflection rooms aren’t as available as some students need them to be. Mike asked the committee to review new verbiage for signage on room doors. Committee members agreed with the draft verbiage. Signage will be placed on the doors today.
  • Doni’s last day June 1, 2022. Those interested in serving as the chair of CfIE should contact Mike Ellis directly.
  • Committee representation? We need a representative from Event Planning

Review Last Meeting: 

  • Website minutes single file update descriptions to individual meeting minute links 
  • Minutes also on CfIE Teams file

New Discussion Items: 

Creating community – Ideas from last meeting? 

  • Examples of what makes marginalized identities feel unwelcome:
  • Attracting heavily in advertising, but not considering the community when they join your team.
  • Dismissing valid concerns on workload, expectations that they should do more with less.
  • Not realizing our own biases when addressing others with identities different than ours – expecting them to fit into our world without considering theirs.
  • Mike’s reading of the reflection room signage is the perfect example of consideration of others, awareness and understanding of different identities, situations and needs. 

Enhancing environment – Gave five minutes for reflection to discuss what is good, what can be done differently to enhance inclusivity throughout the LSC’s environment. 

  • Striving to create an active listening environment to respond to feedback on ways to improve. There’s an opportunity to make a choice and get defensive or hear and take action. Often if we respond and make the environment better for that person, it typically makes it better for everybody. 
  • Continue to set high expectations and follow up that all employees are committed to DEIJ initiatives, self-improvement and environment.
  • Continue conversations on how whiteness shows up in our policies and processes.
  • Striving to ensure that staff identities at minimum reflect the campus demographics.
  • Conversations around race, culture, identity, minoritized populations should begin before day one of working in the LSC.
  • Welcome, affirm, engage from the Principles of Community. Include this in the onboarding process for every single staff member.
  • Orientation for students is not a one-time thing: begin before attending, and integrated into the life of the campus community.
  • Asking the staff member what needs to happen for you to feel welcome, open, and engaged.
  • For students, it starts initially, but the topic completely changes as they are come into school.
  • Discuss continuously so students can have that community feeling within the department and teams within the department.
  • COVID has lessened those chats and interaction with supervisors.
  • Ask how inclusion plays a part in your position, smaller conversations lead to greater deeds, specifically on the student level.
  • Students aren’t just working here to pay their bills but to learn and to further themselves for the greater good.
  • Acquisition is a huge investment. We spend a lot of time and resources for acquisition and the time between with onboarding and that leads to retention. Need to expand the competitive pools of applicants. Interviews should include DEIJ questions.
  • Training well, having a succession plan, checking in on procedures implemented, ask about the inclusive environment and how it relates directly to retention.
  • Reflection on vendor including Easter cookies: What other religious holidays do you represent with your “cookies?” Canvas: We are closed in observance of “Columbus Day.” Ask questions and consider others…education works.
  • Asking students: “Do you think we are diverse in this area?” Students are learning along the way. A student manager model with all of them – putting more tools in individual toolboxes. 
  • Asking self: how are we getting along? How is the team feeling?
  • In interviews, asking about how someone feels about diversity, asking about different situations.
  • Taking more of a proactive role: ask people how they are doing, do they feel like they’re getting recognized for their contribution, what is their comfort level. 
  • Provide more examples of inclusion without being so obvious, be more subtle.
  • Possibly include students for the department meetings.
  • Employee surveys- do you offer help to your co-workers on a regular basis? Do you receive help from your co-workers? And disconnection of those who feel they’re offering help and those who feel they’re given help. What does help look like? How can I best offer help instead of “I’m here if you need me.” Understanding co-workers, employees and how it should be offered. 
  • Appreciate that we are all still learning, and intentional about building community.
  • Asking that people feel open, how can they feel supported.
  • Being more intentional as to how we want to be and creating an environment for how we want to be.
  • Be more aware of preferences being given to some, and be more proactive to be observant of them.
  • Making sure there’s those opportunities for people to connect, for them to have time as a group instead of feeling like their own individual island. Keeping people connected and feeling welcome as a group.

Action Items: 

  • Allison – Create an action document from list above on what departments can do to create community
  • Emily, Doni, Pam – discuss employment options and training from list below to discuss with committee next meeting
  • All – think through new CfIE leadership for 2023 school year, possible student representatives from your departments, garner professional staff representation from Event Planning, Campus Activities.


Next Meeting:  

  • Review & discuss hiring, student hiring, and creating consistency across our departments, including:

Glassdoor company, learn more in connection with pay equity, rating the environment for inclusivity  

  • Consider an accountability report for student staff wages 
  • Create standardized best practices for hiring 
  • Explore the possibility of participating in the IDI 
  • Teaching students how to talk about their wages, advocate for themselves, negotiate, etc. SHAPE WORKSHOP possibilities  
  • Linked In badges with skills, trainings, tools learned from SHAPE; partner with Career Center

Subcommittee Thoughts? 

  • Recruitment Hiring & Retention: 
  • Equity in Leadership/ Salary Equity: 

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence

In attendance: Doug Sink, Emily Ambrose, Mike Ellis, Geoff Valdez, Tom Stuve, Michael Marr, Josephine Martinez, Pamela Norris, Doni Aldine

Discussion items:

  • Thank you and congratulations to Josephine! She’ll be moving to a new job in Housing and Dining Services. Her last day in the LSC is 03/31/2022
  • Reviewed CFIE website updates. DEIJ goal resources are uploaded, bios of committee members, and meeting minutes.
  • Committee members share their CFIE focus:

Josephine: reached out to Emily to encourage discussion/training with staff on language; dedicating one hour per week to enhancing her learning by scheduling it on her calendar.

Michael: focusing on data collection. How can we make our sample more inclusive such as getting stratified data? Skyfactor survey coming out in April. Learning more about socially-just assessment by attending training sessions. Hoping to talk more about metrics on individual DEIJ goals with staff.

Tom: Seeking out time each week to explore DEIF resources. Fostering an inclusive environment amongst student staff. Full staff watches Inclusive Excellence videos followed up with discussions once per month. Focusing on diversity and inclusion when recruiting and hiring students.

Geoff: Focusing on student compensation. Ensuring student managers are well trained on DEIJ and using knowledge while hiring and in retention efforts. Keeping a pulse on what other student employees are getting paid on campus. How do we hire and retain student employees? Building skills/tools to take with them after graduating. Providing the necessary tools for student employees to understand their wages, time clock, encouraging students at all levels to apply for leadership positions. Training to build a wholistic worker, leader, human. Transparency on pay.

Mike: Focus areas include: inclusion in the upcoming renovation, DSA salary equity, progress on AP salary bands and First Amendment work group.  Work consistently to ensure that critical DEIJ conversations are happening in departments with Directors. Accountability is key. Reading and sharing learnings with colleagues. Consideration: student affairs profession previously valued staff positions that were tied to revenue generation versus more of a traditional student support role…. this is now changing at higher education institutions across the country.  

Emily: Work with LSC departments to have staff participate in Everfi Diversity Module; how to incorporate learnings from other trainings such as Naloxone training and Intercultural Diversity Inventory. Diversifying our definition of diversity. Seeking to incorporate a transformative justice framework for staff experiences. How can help others understand that causing harm has a consequence and may be able to be restored. Personal goal to become an Intercultural Diversity Inventory (IDI) facilitator.

Doug: Focus on student wages and retention; analyzing the information to better understand how diverse our staff is and what their changing needs are, i.e. basic needs. We are striving to reduce barrios for staff. Another focus is on increasing diversity in art exhibits, not only the art itself but increasing and being more thoughtful about where are requests are going and how we can get the requests in front of different people/reduce barriers; increasing diversity in hiring pool not just in the process, work closely with SDPS staff.

Pamela: Consistently ensuring that DEIJ expectations are incorporated into every LSC position description; personally, working towards completing the Certificate for Inclusive Excellence; I’ll be collaborating with others on the branding in the LSC north end renovation and striving for inclusive messaging. Mantra is doing things right, not just getting things done.

Doni: shared a few resources from Instragram. Awareness is the first step and always be open to learning and growing.

Ideas for further discussion:

  • Linked In badges with skills, trainings, tools learned from SHAPE; partner with Career Center
  • Glassdoor company, learn more in connection with pay equity, rating the environment for inclusivity
  • Consider an accountability report for student staff wages
  • Teaching students how to talk about their wages, advocate for themselves, negotiate, etc. SHAPE WORKSHOP possibilities
  • Create standardized best practices for hiring
  • Next meeting: focus on the topic of creating community
  • Explore the possibility of participating in the IDI

LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence
Meeting Notes
January 27, 2022

Attending: Doni Aldine, Emily Ambrose, Mike Ellis, Michael Marr, Josephine Martinez, Doug Sink, Rodney Valdez, Geoff Valdez, Tom Stuve, Amy Lawton, Pamela Norris, Akankhya Ashavari

General Check-in

Breakfast – food is special – get to know each other – camaraderie – intentional


How can we assist people with ideas in how to make a difference in this area?
– Pamela gathered
– Will talk about the suggestions

Bio & Photos for website
– Please send Doni the bios / photos
– Something brief is okay – 2-3 sentences

Discussion about Goals:
– Varied in different areas and types
– Can feel idylic and hopeful, but what is the accountability

  • Where can community come in?
  • Where is structure?

– What does Execution look like – we don’t have to to “enforce” and we can be a resource to folks
– We can bring back feedback if things are happening or not happening
– Bring it to the LSC Team Meetings to see what’s happening or not
– There is much to be celebrated in the diversity of ideas with things they’re working on; as we progress to writing the DEIJ goals into workplans, there is a format and consistency.

  • Ex: SMART goals; action that can happen
  • Actions don’t have to be monumental
  • What? So what? Now what?
  • oName a thing, then the action they’re going to take because of that thing


– Go through the list:

  • So we’re familiar – to see what’s available
  • So we can identify ones we want to commit to as individuals

– Starting group by group


Advertising for Program Descriptions:

  • Communicating / advertising to SDPS Centers to access the community (?) – and this is just one; where are locations? Groups? Etc.
  •   STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS? – Access on RamLink
  •   Majors / colleges?
  •   Really think it through – where you’re advertising

– Compensation not the only driving factor – benefits, compensation, the community –LSC

– Multiple reviews for job descriptions – DEIJ review; currently working on a template to incorporate DEIJ expectations in PDs (Pamela is working on this / reviewing PDs)

  • We haven’t done this with Student Employee PDs
  • This is a director responsibility
  • Could use it as an opportunity for learning / growth for a variety of employees –gathering their feedback, bring their knowledge and experience up
  • Reciprocation of benefit – when was the last time we opened up an opportunity for skill development to staff who aren’t in these areas?

This work is harder than we think

– Relationships matter – stop in and introduce self; share opportunities

  •   Access & feedback

[Action] Pamela can pull together resources, language, etc.

Update on Pay Equity Committee:

  •   DSA committee has met every two weeks
  •   OEO has conducted a salary equity analysis – will see it next week
  •   Progress is being made, slower than hoped but keeping on keeping on…

The report:

  • Becomes sensitive when we’re talking about identity
  • Feels important
  • Based on gender and race

– The same work is not being done for student employees

  • LSC HR is working to be mindful of student pay along the campus
  • There are a variety of ways to compare the total package (ex. Tips, shift meals)

– Pay transparency is not enough for students:

  • The knowledge of how to navigate through HR systems, etc.
  • Can be more competitive with outside departments / or
  • departments in
  • Why students make different salaries
  • Pay justification?
  • Discussion about WHY the different positions make wh

-“Is there any room for negotiation?”

  • o Education

Got through most of the “General”
Discussion about “Welcome” to everyone – program for everyone.

Action Items:

• Pamela can pull together resources, language, etc.
• Training on Education around Pay / process negotiation – ACCESS (Emily)
• Financial Literacy Training
• SJ Supervision – feedback
• Share Bios and Photos
• Assess a few goals you want to work on!

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence

In attendance: Doni Aldine, Rodney Valdez, Geoff Valdez, Tom Stuve, Pamela Norris, Mike Ellis

Discussion Items:

• Please refer to CIFE Teams for minutes, actions-taken worksheet and other resources. Minutes will also be emailed out after each meeting.
• Review actions discussed from previous meeting: Share actions and why we didn’t take an action on website with link in LSC newsletter. Department heads are responsible for ensuring DEIJ topics/actions are being discussed at department meetings. CIFE members can work alongside of Department Directors to help to create actions within department. Important to ensure that CIFE members are committed to advancing DEIJ efforts.
• Salary equity work updates: Mike Ellis is co-chairing the DSA committee; LSC is also represented by Larisa Wardlaw (SLiCE) and Amber Ramoz (Campus Activities).
• LTM members to gather DEIJ work plan/goal examples from employees to share with CIFE. Intention is to build a resource on the CIFE website for employees to assist in exploring DEIJ goal ideas, resources, etc. Website: button “ideas for setting your next DEIJ goal.”
• DEIJ focused workshops will be available for staff to participate in during SHAPE conference on January 23, 2022


• Doni will send out meetings dates/time throughout spring semester.
• Double-check that most up to date employee list is receiving the LSC newsletter (including service and business partners). Doni will check with Jill.
• CIFE members: submit personal bio with photo (if comfortable) to Doni: relevant professional background, why this commitment is important to you, future aspiration for DEIJ work: emailed to by Dec. 16, 2021. Bios will be shared on the CIFE webpage.
• Email Doni with any student employee membership ideas.
• Pamela/Mike to work with LSC Leadership Team to gather DEIJ employee goal examples to share with CIFE by the next meeting.

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence

In attendance: Rodney Valdez, Geoff Valdez, Tom Stuve, Emily Ambrose, Josephine Martinez-Rivera,
Pamela Norris, Michael Marr, Amy Lawton, Mike Ellis, Fritz Wilson, Doug Sink

Review Council Charge: The Council for Inclusive Excellence was established to provide insights, guiding principles, counsel, suggested action items, and requested accountability to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Executive Director of the LSC and the LSC Leadership Team with respect for creating a welcoming, affirming, and engaging community for all employees of the LSC. This includes focusing on the inclusion of multiple voices, viewpoints, and identities; infusing inclusive excellence expectations into employee position descriptions, work plans, and training and development; creating work environments that are welcoming and accessible for all; and bringing people together to discuss and connect in community, ensuring programs and services focus on building connections, internal and external, and fulfilling the newly revised LSC mission.

Discussion Items:

• Recommendation for transparent communication: post DEIJ actions/recommendations and completion date on website. Share why a recommendation was not acted upon.
• Soliciting feedback from colleagues, share what department DEIJ efforts are with one another; share CIFE meeting minutes with colleagues; list the names of CIFE members on the website with a personalized bio/statement; need for anonymous feedback (possibly through the website). How should membership on CIFE look? Open membership? Desire to be thoughtful about who wants to be a member of CIFE and not to simply join to be “seen.” Colleagues can care deeply about advancing DEIJ efforts, and not be a member of CIFE.
• Student employee representation? Could be intentional from LSC Governing Board, or could rotate with available/interested student employees. Send student employee ideas to Doni.
• Update on ongoing efforts:

  1. Ensure all position descriptions reflect LSC commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; review responsibilities to ensure necessary diversity, equity, and inclusion descriptive language is reflected; ensure all position description reflect commitment and expectations for professional development and growth. Pamela is working with all supervisors/directors to ensure PD updates are made prior to posting.
  2. Salary equity efforts: Division of Student Affairs committee currently working with central HR on Administrative Personnel salary equity; State-classified salary equity on-going
  3. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice goals in all LSC employee work plans for 2021-22.

• Meeting format, frequency, time, etc: Desire to meet every 3-4 weeks on Thursday mornings from 8:30-10:00am; in-person if possible (can be hybrid if requested).


• Update members on Council Microsoft Team Channel. Use as a method to share information, agendas, resources, etc.
• All LSC department meetings should give inclusive excellence efforts on all agendas. This will be discussed at upcoming LSC Leadership Team meeting.
• Schedule upcoming Council meetings.

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence

LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence Website

(Present: Josephine Martinez, Akankhya Ashavari, Geoff Valdez, Doni Aldine, Amber Ramoz, Emily Ambrose, Michael Marr, Nick Eppley, Mike Ellis)

Check in: Safe Space to share – how is everyone feeling?

Emily: Missing members in Tyrell and soon, Nick
Emily: And the first week as been a LOT! (Wide eyes)
Nick: In a bit of a different place, thinking about leaving; grateful that everyone is still here, and I’ll miss this group; glad that everyone is still here.
Michael: Surprising how things kicked back up; definitely overwhelming
Doni: You’re right. And Nick, you’ll be great missed. Everyone here is inspiring, and everyone is important
Emily: Michael, can you pull you into overwhelming
Michael: Moving into 27,000 people if a lot and has shifted quickly!
Amber: still in a pandemic, and ensure we’re checking in with our teams, doing things as safe and as inclusive as possible with the start of a new year; Campus Activities had lots to do this week and last week, and we need to ensure we’re still centering inclusiveness in our work.
– Michael: How do we be inclusive with people given different comfort levels, different hours, and how we normalize this in light of different experiences, areas and expectations
– Emily: Excited for momentum in both exit and staying surveys, capturing this feedback so that honesty can continued to be shared.
– Akankhya: Hard that Nick is leaving us…a lot to handle! I’m definitely not alone! Doing good….nice to have students around and that they’re following the rules. Grad school beginning is full of ups and downs, exciting, emotional. Working remotely helps process my thoughts and feel comfortable. So far, I’m still adjusting, been weird, and it will be fine!
Doni: was talking to a first-year student and connected them to John for possible work in the Bookstore; she didn’t know what Canvas was all about, how to navigate, until Doni helped to navigate. Am very much focused on mental health and self care for my team so we can be the best for others. Found out yesterday that all students have to take DEIJ module, lots of changes to navigate, and inclusive excellence being elevated, which I love. Excited to see how it all pans out!

Emily shared module:

Not a mandatory module, challenges to making it mandatory; discussing ways to integrate into spring SHAPE training. Officially launches Aug. 30th; we can incentivize attendance, etc.

Sub-Committee Reviews and Take-aways


  • Geoff: challenges around understanding and influence equity of salaries, and different experiences of student employees, Aps, and SCs, and the various different experiences
  • Josephine: hiring for student staff; how do we advertise for all students and not just relying upon handshake
  • Doni: discussed equity, retention, advancement, growth in terms of salary, compensation, personal growth, etc.; was able to relay to CST planning process and recommendations being provided to President McConnell; many people added on to Doni’s examples; need for having a place for growth, impacting many people of color; our work is having a direct impact on a larger group, from all levels of the organization; our meetings this summer were very productive, helpful in moving us forward, making us thing differently, and impact the University’s direction; thanks as well to subcommittee members!


  • Amber: My subcommittee was awesome too!
  • Nick: how are we moving staff up; what does turnover/transition happen, specifically in the LSC; some good discussion and some other data points we still need.
  • Michael: some data points from the Quality of Work Life survey that I spent all summer meeting with various areas; was a great summer for exploring what the data offered.
  • Michael: created forms for HR in the LSC to collect enames and basic information to better understand demographics of staff, important for us all.
  • Amber: some action items coming out of our discussions; for example might try exit interviews conducted by departments outside the LSC (Rec Center);
  • Nick: yes, the very first “to do” on my list!
  • Michael: Nick, you can never leave!
  • Some things on my left on my summer “to do” list.

Thoughts on the first year and what is important this year in moving forward?

  • Josephine: glad we started meeting; a slow start, but great given the direction we’re headed; we should keep moving, pleased that we’re heading in the right direction.
  • Emily: similarly to Josephine; could easily have stalled; still feels a little theoretical, but we have plans and movement; official channels, and unofficial; we’re still part of a Division and University where there’s a lot going on; request for transparency, which is difficult; specifically about student affairs realignment and areas in Student Affairs; can’t be derailed from our efforts—want to name as a tension.
  • Amber: Official email sent out with org charts
  • Doni: CST planning discussions and decisions, importance of transparency, including others in the process; importance of taking note related to our own LSC processes, providing safe spaces for discussions, etc. Keep bringing your energy and ideas to this committee…serve as the beginnings of change!
  • Michael: mind has gone to Operations and SC employees, and whether we’re listening to them in being truly inclusive in the building?
  • Emily: can we go beyond invitation to welcome, value and affirm to ensure representation from environmental services; willing to reach out to staff if helpful.
  • Doni: wonderful to have Akankhya here as a graduate student, and also important to have other students’ points of view

Membership discussion
– Importance of adding a additional student
– Meeting people where they’re at; time of day might be a challenge for some
– Emily to talk with Nancy
– Other areas of membership we should consider?

  • Nick: how might forming process occur; hard for someone to drop in and be vulnerable
  • Doni: a great point; emphasized trust, boundaries, creating safe space, etc.; yes, hard for new person to drop in and feel comfortable
  • Geoff: pros and cons, but should we make this meeting in person?

Appears that all departments are represented
– Importance of adding others to this group, including possibility of folx outside the LSC
Other suggestions: Esther, Cami, Keva, Juliette
Any men? Mike B., Tyler M., Ali

Feel free to reach out to Amber or Doni with ideas….email only for Doni, and a multitude of social media communication methods for Amber that this note take couldn’t write down fast enough!

Thank you all!

Council for Inclusive Excellence Committee Meeting
May 26, 2021

Meeting minutes:

Present: Doni Aldine, Tyrell Allen, Emily Ambrose, Mike Ellis, Nick Eppley, Amy Lawton, Josephine Martinez, Amber Ramoz, Geoff Valdez, Fran Wilson

MEETING TODAY TO KEEP MOMENTUM, half hour due to SLiCE interview

How are people feeling about momentum of committee?

  • Like that we’re beginning to pick up speed; desire for some action items to accomplish over the summer
  • Mike invited to describe the effort to reform DSA Salary Equity Committee, to be discussed in this morning’s VP Council meeting; desire expressed for connection with this council
  • Doni likewise described the University Recruitment & Retention of Minoritized Employees Working Group, and the importance of connections to our work in this council

• No Meeting June/July
Desire for setting up subcommittee meetings; Doni to work with Kathy to set this up

• Doni/Amber Meeting with Action Committee June 15 (Pam Norris)

• Doni passing info to University Recruitment and Retention of Minoritized Employees

Working Group of Commission on Diversity and Inclusion—see above

• Website updated – NICK
Nick invited feedback for best way to include statements/values/expectations on the website around DEIJ to be used in position descriptions—hopeful to keep things as streamlined and user friendly as possible.
Website had not been live until this meeting:

• Questions/thoughts?

Will schedule meetings to begin in August; subcommittees to meet over summer, per above

Subcommittee Thoughts/Reports?

Recruitment Hiring & Retention: Tyrell, Josephine, Geoff, Emily, Amy, Doni
Equity in Leadership/ Salary Equity: Sonja, Emily, Michael, Fran, Nick, Amber

Council for Inclusive Excellence Committee Meeting

Sub-Committee: Retention + Equity in Leadership: Amber, Emily, Nick, Michael, Sonja

Why it’s important:

Can check the boxes but are we keeping these staff.
Create the culture where people want to stay and can be their complete self.
Retention is critical can get some staff in the door but not encouraged to stay because of the environment.
Leadership sets the tone of the organization if not on board with DEI it won’t have a full impact for the organization they lead.
Salary plays into this.
Ability to learn and grow and move up is lacking.
Many leaders are here a long time-what does this mean?
Lots of turnover at entry/mid-level position—would be good to name and acknowledge.
Is retention even a Priority??
Mentorship to learn and grow for SC and AP—this is sometimes done informally.
Some folks with privileged identities have choices to come and go while marginalized folks sometimes have to endure a lot more in this work environment

Need to know more about

What does LTM need
Who is doing this well: Case studies/Institutions: university non-profits etc.
Articles on Retention


QWL HR Retention Data- specifically LSC
Thoughts from SDPS offices
We have data both qualitative and quantitative-believe POC
Read student demands and other information already provided to us.

LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence
Meeting Notes
March 30, 2021

Attending: Tyrell Allen, Doni Aldine, Emily Abrose, Mike Ellis, Nick Eppley, Sonja Gibbins, Michael Marr, Josephine Martinez, Amber Ramoz

General Check-in

Stressful couple of weeks; lost a relative due to Covid; received first vaccine.

Able to see grandmother after about a year of not seeing her; professionally doing okay; curious about how next 5 weeks will go; trial for George Floyd has begun; lots happening.

Just a lot going on in the world right now around Asian hate crimes, Black Lives Matter, etc.

Just when you get a sense of what’s happening, it feels like constant things coming at us; got to see Parents, which was nice, and just trying to stick it out.

Doni thanked all for sharing, and let folks know to check-in.

CEFI Logo (Nick)

Leo is out, so Nick did his best to convey Leo’s intentions.
Narrowed to 2 logos: 1) interwoven, 2) round table/bridge
Feedback including liking the human element, elimination of hierarchical feeling, including lots of color
Interwoven logo: squared ends vs. rounded ends; b/w versions provided as well; symbolizes different identities coming together through interwoven connections
Bridge logo: figures same width, but different heights vs. people at same height at table; b/w options also provided;

Interwoven—sees a heart with the “squared shoulders”
Bridge logo—prefers people at same height
Desire for additional time to seek feedback from others, requested by Friday; Nick will send out to all to encourage feedback.

CEFI Charge

Doni updated based on feedback.
Additional feedback:
Suggested revision of the the heading to say “Create a welcoming, affirming and engaging community for all employees of the LSC”
This continues to be a living, not all-inclusive document, in draft format—capture this spirit in the document itself.
Can we keep it in Teams, for all to see.
Could provide both the final draft and one which shows changes made over time
Move “professionalism” explanation to footer, within first 2 pages

Subcommittees of CEFI—discussed structure

Recruitment, Hiring & Retention—confirmed as an important choice for all

Subcommittees of this larger committee:

Recruitment & Hiring—will include salary equity
Amber, Josephine, Tyrell
Retention—will include equity in leadership
Doni, Emily, Nick, Michael, Sonja

Doni made note of report she helped produce for the University, 168 pages. Solicity feedback from a number of other universities, colleges, units, informal surveys of POC across campus. Doni will send link for our review and feedback, with the goal to affect real change.

To do:

Review logos by end of business day on Friday. Revised charge to be uploaded for review in Teams file.

Thanks all!!

LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence
Meeting Notes
March 9, 2021

Attending: Tyrell Allen, Doni Aldine, Emily Ambrose, Akankhya Ashavari, Leo A., Mike Ellis, Nick Eppley, Sonja Gibbins, Amy Lawton, Michael Marr, Josephine Martinez, Amber Ramoz, Geoff Valdez

Check in: Safe Space to share – how is everyone feeling, any updates?

Amber apologized for the hurtful term used to describe the work of the Council in the newsletter. She received feedback and appreciated it greatly!

Doni reminded us of the need to take mental breaks given all that’s happening in the world.

Sitting with misinformation about the vaccine, and things feel very uncertain. Family dynamics, misinformation, etc.; all takes lots of energy and makes things really difficult.

Misinformation, distrust of institutions—all so real and is a constant fight. Also feels hope in a lot of ways, and yet there’s another storm coming. Concern also expressed about the impact of a delayed spring.

The tiredness is real, seems constant, even with privileges held. Family dynamics around politics also acknowledged.

ACUI was also exhausting. We’re balancing putting out the fires, playing catch up, and would like us to communicate holistically in and across the LSC, with our diversity partners. What might this communication look like?

Quality of Work Life Survey

Encourage all career staff to complete the QWL survey, so we can hear from all in the LSC. It’s also directly connected to our Council’s charge.

Getting word out about the Council

Logo – Leo collected survey results with help of Michael. 3 logos shared, including:

  1. Interwoven Identities—collective collaboration
  2. Collective Excellence–star hands, with star in center to represent excellence
  3. The Bridge/Round Table—arching bridge with people serving as columns in support of arch

Feedback: Thank you to Leo!

  • Likes multiple colors
  • Likes the star
  • Handprints feel a little pre-school, though apprecilytes the star and the colors
  • No. 3 feels more unintentionally hierarchical
  • Is it possible to make the people in No. 3 the same size?
  • Goal is to narrow down, and allow time for further refinement

All really good. Anything in the survey which jumped out?

Top themes: desire for seeing people in some way, reflecting diversity and different backgrounds, desire to express collaboration in some way, symbolic imagery in a way which combines with people

Poll Results:

9 for Weaving, 5 for hand star, 6 for bridge/roundtable

Overwhelming Desire for multicolor, 11 (note from Doni: we’ll also always do a black/white version)

Web—from Nick
Here’s the base page:
password: “draft”

Will include revised charge
Provide feedback to Nick
Look to other web sites for examples and share back
More context for the charge is helpful
Might be a matter of formatting to help make more readable and consumable; Nick willing to
take a shot at this.
Goal: to have all honed in by next meeting, and know that it all can change as is needed.
Term professional in the background elicited a good amount of feedback, though it’s part of the
program review document

What kind of feedback have Council members received? We should be soliciting feedback from departments.

Doni shared that feedback from the Council was taken to LTM 2 meetings ago. LTM is engaged in discussions around how they can support departments in the work, and that the work in not on the Council’s shoulders.

How would we describe the work of the CIE to someone we meet in the hallway? The charge is important here. We’re part of the think tank, and we hold the building accountable and make sure the leadership team and departments are moving forward on the actions we’re suggesting. We’re a conduit for information.

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence 12.17.2020 | 4:00 p.m.
Zoom Meeting Minutes

(Note: Bolded items are indicative of recommended action items)

Present: Amber, Doni, Michael, Sonja, Josephine, Nick, Geoff, Tyrell, Amy, Akankhya, Emily
Absent: Fran, Mike (requested)


Check in with folks – general how are things right before “break” – a lot of feeling of tired. Ppl agree we need to change the time of the meetings

What we’ll do today:

  • Doni will lead due to Amber being out sick earlier (glad you’re feeling better, Amber!)
  • Mike is intentionally not here to continue conversations from last time
  • Were going to do break outs, but no “host” so can’t – hope folks feel okay to share
  • Introduction of subcommittees – three areas


• Asked if folks have thoughts about the last meeting, and what we want to see from the committee


  • Sharer 1 – The last meeting ended abruptly; Tyrell shared great last time– around trust etc. We need transparency from the top – namely Mike.
  • Sharer 2 – What I would like is to put things in place so folks like me don’t have to go through the same hardships I have, in finding a job, as a minority woman. [Gave example of name on resume – “put first initial and last name” – don’t want that to happen] … I want moving forward for folks to have opportunity I didn’t.
  • Sharer 3 – More time. More openness. More prioritization.
  • Sharer 4– Reflecting on conversations which have happened re: the WGAC statement. As someone who has been with LSC 5 years, I have heard rumors and stories of reports – and have had to report sexual misconduct – I am deeply distressed at the lack of commitment to change the culture. There are spaces I don’t feel comfortable entering, this is an example. I fear the next time this happens, either they will not be held accountable in general, and not held accountable to the community of which they are a part. People are expected to continue to work with folks and just trust all is okay – when it’s not. We need a culture shift – not necessarily as a culture who fires, but who holds accountable.
  • Sharer 5 – I would like to talk about the WGAC statement also. Questions around purpose, from the program review, and what the leadership team’s role is in this.
  • ^Link to the open letter
  • Discussion about what this is… how it was shared… and the fact that the who building / LSC community doesn’t know about it. [Context shared re: WGAC]
  • Sharer 6 – I feel confused – the narrative is all over the place. In different spaces, it’s shared differently,
  • Sharer 7 – Other departments have aligned with the statement; focus has been “how did this happen” – as opposed to how are we centering survivors and accountability
  • Sharer 8 – Social media was first outlet; student perspectives are that they don’t care anymore – opinions of them don’t matter, they won’t be listened to… So many emails, with much communication, okay – but it’s confusing and frustrating. No ability to actually comprehend what’s going on. [Personal sharing of story] – Suggestion: Make a recommendation to clarify, send a proper email, with information that is relevant and action focused. The amount of communication takes away from the education students are getting. We want results. We want action. This is important
  • It is important that LSC Employees know about this committee.
  • More shared of personal experiences – few folks of color in different positional levels. We’re getting a taste of politics – hearing what we want to hear. We need to work to change this in this community.

Program Review Recommendation, three years ago:

  •   “Create a committee focused on overall climate, organizational norms, and inclusivity.”
  •   Every part of the LSC should be represented – waiting for operations, recognition that they are.

We’ll work on the charge; would like to work on getting the word out; how to get feedback to us.

Think it’s important Mike isn’t here at some of the meetings to have space; Amber & Doni talked to Mike. From a Director’s Meeting in the past, it was discussed…

Topics of Import Shared with Amber & Doni – Subcommittee:

  • Physical environment
  • Policy
  • Recruitment, Hiring, & Retention
  • Communication
  • Equity in salary
  • Equity in leadership positions

Questions about the areas

What is physical environment?

  • Discussed examples

Is this good for the sub-committees?

Discussed performative piece… commit to sharing with your areas when the CHARGE is solidified.


VIDEO – Played at the SHAPE Conference; snippet from each person would be good in a video. SO many of our employees will see it.
WEBSITE – Under Involvement area (Nick)
CIEP Training with CIE & Leadership Team? (VPD hosts – will do department specific)

Overview / To Do:
Will move forward with what folks want
This group is “Advisory”- Minutes shared with Pamela Norris – Share in Leadership Team Meeting – Leadership in those areas share support in those areas
We can discuss upping the meeting to every three weeks – we don’t want it to be words, it needs to be action
Want to make sure everyone has a space to be heard.

Meeting ended at 5:01 p.m.

Scribed by ECA | 12.17.2020

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence
11.19.2020 | Zoom Meeting Minutes

Present: Michael, Amy, Nick, Josephine, Doni, Amber, Akankhya, Sonja, Tyrell, Geoff, Emily, Fran, Mike (note taker)

Check in: Safe Space to share – how is everyone feeling? (Doni)
We canceled last meeting, given environment around us, but we’re glad to gather again! Feeling tired and Sassy!

Any updates the committee should be aware of? Please share. (Doni)
None at this time.

Follow up from last meeting
Thoughts on readings? (Amber)

  • List is not comprehensive and offered as a starting place; open to other suggestions
  • Anyone reading Citizen? Yes, a few are. Emily and Michael are facilitators.
  • Michael has sent out a survey, 9 people have completed thus far. He’ll send out again after Fall break.

VPD Resources (Amber)

Opportunity to continue our learning, on own, in sessions; Amber is happy to be a conduit to resources in VPD.
VPD Continuing Education resources:

Completed: Elevator Working (Doni)

Signage completed almost immediately and elevator was repaired shortly thereafter. Thank you, Fran, for bringing up this item!

Completed: Additional COVID information on LCDs

Many students feeling anxious; compliance with mask wearing has decreased last few weeks
This has been discussed extensively in LSC weekly Leadership Team Meeting

Many students (and all of us) showing “mask fatigue”—need to remind one another of the critical need; larger, direct and intrusive signage has been place in eating areas the last couple of days.
Considering spreading out tables/chairs more after Fall break
Suggestion for large table stickers, washable, which seem to last about a month
COVID support detail was sent in LSC e-newsletter, compiled by Pamela Norris
Website updated with U COVID resources

In Process: Working with Leadership Team on Student Hiring

  • The “Bias in Hiring” workshop to be offered at the upcoming SHAPE conference was noted.
  • Tyrell and Emily also working on planning Affinity workshops for SHAPE.
  • Emily shared a number of themes for SHAPE, including self-care, inclusion, etc.

No subcommittee ideas received – open to suggestions
Pam is maintaining the list of action items, ensuring they are shared and acted upon among LSC Leadership.

  • The working spreadsheet can be found in the Teams files; let Amber know if you don’t have access.

We would like to cultivate a community atmosphere and human connection in these meetings. Suggestions on implementation? Small group breakouts (Doni)

– Important to convey to new hires our value for diversity, inclusion and equity.
– Language and action are important. Eg., we are working on becoming anti-racist (we can’t say we’re avowedly anti-racist), and we must at the same time evaluate our policies, practices, actions.
– Agreed that we’re working towards being anti-racist, but can’t say we are.
– We need to put in the time and the work to be able to claim this
– Noted Athletics in the news, and that we all can do a better job of looking in the mirror.
– What can we do as a building to move forward? Hope is not to see more of the same, and that we can create an environment to make a difference both here and the world. That’s the purpose of this group.
– Struggling to recap our conversation, from President McConnell’s messaging to making it true for our everyday work. Some of us know the things that need to happen, and there seems to be perpetual misunderstanding in what the goal is.
How do we make sure we’re all on the same page as a University, as an LSC?
– Feel the work we want to get to is revolutionary for CSU, and we don’t know what it yet looks like. Thank you for being direct. We’ll want us to have these more serious conversations, and hoping small breakout rooms will help us.
– Feel hopeful this is where we can get to, and that it takes time. We’re wanting commitment to the work, from supervisors, for all. We need to do some trust building, and we need to assess, are we who we think we are?
– Hope is that our space needs to be safe; hope is that this group can be this place.
– Mike’s role is to take notes, listen to us….to be engaged but not to take up space.
– Our role is to limit the work coming directly from this group; we offer insights formaking the LSC a better place.
– What is needed for trust? I don’t know that I feel we all share the same priorities? We’re a building for a lot of things, needs, and people—don’t know that I see this as the priority for everyone in the same way. I don’t know that I’ll walk away feeling trust from everyone, and I don’t know that I need this trust. The need is how we pay attention to those most marginalized in our culture. Until I know that at all levels we’re on the same page, from me up to President McConnell, I’ll be satisfied with our work. I want/need to see transparency, work, honest, alignment of priorities, etc., and more people needing to be more transparent. My supervisor has earned my trust through alignment with her actions.
– It takes courage on all of our parts; many people are not willing/able to put themselves out there for fear of consequence; have hope that it will happen with this committee, and I don’t know this will be true. I don’t want my and our sacrifices to be in vain. It will take courage from us all, and I have hope we’re all willing to do the work.

Thank you. This is complex, and ask that we all give ourselves a little grace.

It’s clear we have work to do. Thanks for all for sharing.

Lory Student Center Council for Inclusive Excellence

Zoom Meeting Minutes

(note: italics are indicative of recommended action items)

Present: Amber, Doni, Michael, Sonja, Josephine, Nick, Geoff, Tyrell, Amy, Fran, Mike; Absent: Emily, Akankhya

Official name change: per last meeting’s feedback, new name is the LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence

Created a Microsoft Team (documents/resources will be there): if not able to access information, please let Amber know

Check in:

How is everyone doing? Are things coming up for folks that we should take note of? Any feedback?

  •   Continues to be a pretty charged climate.
  •   Appreciated President McConnell’s message regarding furloughs, but still on my mind.
  •   Asteroid heading to earth and may hit on election day; everyone vote early!
  •   Experiencing drastic swings with emotions, especially in light of RBG’s passing.
  •   Experienced racism from neighbor—is more pervasive in the current climate.

The Council’s Charge: Doni and Amber will work on the charge based on feedback but the main thing to keep in mind is that we are to give topic areas that Mike/Pam and leadership team will then act on…any immediate areas that come to mind, otherwise…

Items to Pass on to the LSC Leadership Team?

– Be aware of our micro aggressions in the LSC. It’s racial abuse, and we need to address.
– Pretty torn up about RBG…how do we talk about this, and support students going through this?
– 200,000 people have died as a result of Covid…no time to stop and grieve. We haven’t paused to just breath.
– Are flags at half mast for RBG? Yes, they have been lowered.
– Are there support groups for students with Covid? Can we place more information on the LCDs? Can the Leadership Team get additional information out about resources for students with Covid?
– Concern about salaries and people who don’t have supervisors advocating for them related to inequities in salaries: Can we do more investigation into people’s needs around salaries?
– Recruiting and hiring at CSU: We need to interrogate our search processes and be more intentional in recruiting, building diverse pools, and addressing the implicit biases we have in our searches?
– Student employees: Students do much of the hiring in many of our areas. We need to create greater awareness among our student employee supervisors of the importance of diversity in our hiring.

Elevator on north end of building: We need to provide better signage which indicates when we expect it to be operational. Signage currently says “out of order,” and could be much clearer, including alternatives for access.

Subcommittee discussion:
– Supported given the opportunity for “deeper dives” into topics.
– Concern expressed about potential of being silo’d, and yet want to make best use of everyone’s time
– Student employee survey: Quality of work life survey will be going out this spring; want to be cautious in creating new assessments
– Affinity spaces created at last year’s SHAPE conference; Emily is invested in continuing these; verify if these will continue.
– Pass along suggestions for subcommittees to Doni and Amber

Resources: hearing the feedback that it might be good to all get on the same page we could use the committee time for members to read up on the following in this order:

– Love As the Practice of Freedom—article in the Team
– Making Excellence Inclusive—article in the Team – – MCOD:
Principles of Community:
– Sudent Demands:
– Anti-Racist Actions:

  •   How can we use the this in the LSC?
  •  Identify 1-2 things you think is a good place to push forth immediately.

Other resources welcomed, and Bookstore can help in securing these and providing a discount.

White Fragility book: Should we explore interest in a larger presentation to the LSC? Some concern expressed about making an investment in authors of color as well, given POC have been saying what the author says for a long time!