Council for Inclusive Excellence

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LSC Council for Inclusive Excellence

Review the Council’s charge, meet the members below, and check back soon for more information about the specific work the council is focusing on!

Provide insights, guiding principles, counsel, suggested action items, and requested accountability to the LSC Executive Director/AVP for Student Affairs and the LSC Leadership Team with respect for creating: 

Create a welcoming, affirming and engaging community for all employees of the LSC.
This includes focusing on the inclusion of multiple voices, viewpoints, and identities. By infusing inclusive excellence expectations into employee training and development, creating work environments that are welcoming and accessible for all. Bringing people together to discuss and connect in community, ensuring programs and services focus on building connections, internal and external, and fulfilling the newly revised mission of the LSC.  

Infuse inclusive excellence in all that we do
Creation of a positive, engaging, and accountability-driven work environment that embraces CSU’s Principles of Community, which encompasses inclusion, integrity, respect, service, and social justice. The LSC is a community that celebrates our individual and collective successes, while supporting a balance in personal and professional life commitments. 

This requires us to regularly reflect on what we do and our impacts so we can work purposefully and authentically towards a socially just work environmentInclusive excellence embraces the strength of our collective diversity and embodies the inclusion of the many different identities, backgrounds, and experiences of the LSC employees. This includes an awareness and acknowledgement of distinct stories, challenges, and successes of the people with whom we connect and workThe LSC seeks to infuse inclusive excellence into our relationships, policies, programs, services, and assessment efforts. 

The LSC consistently strives for excellence and innovation. It is important that we do things right, and that we do the right things by members of our community. We strive to contribute to leading-edge best practices and seek to be the model which other student centers/college unions aspire to. 

The Lory Student Center’s 2018 Program Review recommendations included a series of action items including but not limited to: revision of the LSC’s mission statement, assessment, employee onboarding, emergency response, and inclusive excellence. Revision of the LSC’s Mission Statement was completed in 2020. As an organization, one of our highest priorities is inclusive excellence. 

Relevant action items from the 2018 Program Review included the following: 

  • Item 3. e. Create a committee of staff from various areas to discuss professionalism* and what it means in the context of the LSC (with consideration of items ranging from unspoken rules and politics to professional* attire). Combining this committee topic with the recommended Principles of Community committee to create a committee focused on overall climate and organizational norms could create opportunities to address inclusivity from numerous angles for the variety of constituents making use of the LSC programs and facilities.  
  • Item 4.b. Create a committee to discuss the Principles of Community in the LSC to determine ways to include all career and student staff in the continued development of a culture of inclusive excellence. Combining this committee topic with the recommended Professionalism* committee to create a committee focused on overall climate and organizational norms could create opportunities to address professionalism from numerous angles for the variety of constituents making use of LSC programs and facilities. 

In addition to the Program Review findings and resulting action items, employee climate data and an increase in bias related incidents at CSU during the fall of 2019 have made it abundantly clear of the need for the above recommendations to move forward with a sense of importance, urgency, and on-going commitment. It is also recognized that the impact of inequitable workplace experiences and incidents of bias in and out of the LSC disproportionately fall on employees from marginalized populations.