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Aspen Grille Reservations

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A Note About Reservations

Reservations are required for in person dining. Maximum party size is 6.

Please understand that due to scheduling, staffing, and limited seating, we cannot accept a same-day reservation with the online form. To make a same-day reservation or to cancel an existing reservation, please call the Aspen Grille at 491-7006.


Private Luncheons

The Aspen Grille dining room can only serve one table of 7 or 8, and one table of 5 or 6.  But, if you would like to make a reservation for more than 8 people, we can offer a single seating, private luncheon in the La Porte room for up to 14 people. A luncheon style menu consisting of four of our most popular items is offered and you will be served by our Aspen Grille students.

Is there a room charge for a private luncheon in the La Porte Room served by the Aspen Grille students?

There is no room charge for the La Porte room.

How do I make a private luncheon reservation and how far in advance do I need to make it?

All private luncheons must be discussed directly with the instructor of the class.  The Aspen Grille instructors need a minimum of 7 days to plan a private luncheon.    However, the La Porte room can only be reserved when it is not needed by the Event Planning Office or the Catering Department, so planning in advance increases the chances of getting the room.  To speak to an instructor, please call the Aspen Grille at 491-7006, between 10:00AM and 2:00PM Tuesday through Friday.

How much does a private luncheon cost at the Aspen Grille?

We only offer a luncheon menu for private luncheons which has four of our best selling items. However, if an item is not to your liking, another choice may be substituted for your party. The Aspen Grille’s kitchen is very small; therefore, we must limit the selection to four items. Each entrée comes with its traditional choice of side item and a non-alcoholic beverage.  Please see our luncheon menu on the Aspen Grille web site.

The luncheon menu price is $12.00 per person plus tax and a 15% service charge is added to the guest check which goes back into the Hospitality Management Program and Aspen Grille to purchase supplies and equipment.  The luncheon menu does not include a dessert; however, a desert can be added for an additional charge. Tax is removed if it is tax exempt status.

How large must the group be to reserve the La Porte room?

The Aspen Grille cannot reserve the La Porte room for groups smaller than 9 or larger than 14.  For groups larger than 14, guests should contact the event planning office.  We will serve groups smaller than 9 in the dining room if space is available.

Are there standard times during the lunch hour when I can schedule a private luncheon?

Yes. The Aspen Grille is a classroom, and has operational restrictions that require us to offer two (2) specific luncheon order times.  Guests can reserve the room beginning at 11:00 AM and ending at 1:45 PM.  During this window, orders must be taken from all guests and turned into the kitchen at either 11:30 AM or at 12:30 PM. The Aspen Grille kitchen and its students cannot properly service private luncheon guests and the dining room guests at the same time.

How do I make payment?

All luncheon charges will be presented on one (1) check and payment must be made at the end of the meal.  The Aspen Grille cannot bill individuals or their departments. The Aspen Grille accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards only (P-Cards included). We will accept cash, personal checks, and Internal Orders (I.O.) as well.  We cannot bill departments in the case of I. O.’s.  Guests must bring the I.O. paperwork with them from their department.

We cannot take credit card/P-card information over the phone.  Please contact the Aspen Grille instructor if special arrangements need to be made.

No deposits or room charges are required to reserve the La Porte room.

What happens if RSVP guests unexpectedly fail to attend the luncheon

The final head count is needed 72 business hours (10 – 2pm Tuesday thru Friday) prior to the event. On the day of the luncheon, if some RSVP guests do not attend, the private luncheon will still be held in the La Porte room; Please notify the Aspen Grille if there are changes to counts.

What happens if the head count falls below 9 guests after the reservation has been confirmed?

If the head count falls below 9 guests, please notify the Aspen Grille instructor immediately by calling The Aspen Grille 491-7006 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday.  If space permits, the luncheon guests will be moved into the Aspen Grille dining room so the La Porte room can be used by the Event Planning office or the Catering Department. Because there is no room charge for the La Porte room, we must sensitive to the needs of others in the Lory Student Center.

Can additional food be made for unexpected guests?

In most cases yes, but Accommodating changes to the head count received after the 72 hour period will be at the discretion of the Aspen Grille instructor.

Can you accommodate special diets?

In most cases, yes, but it may not be one of the entrees on your predetermined luncheon menu. The luncheon menu price will apply.  Accommodating changes to the head count received after the 72 hour period will be at the discretion of the Aspen Grille instructor.

We are unable to provide meals to individual tastes and cannot accommodate personal preferences. We highly encourage individuals who experience severe allergies to notify us and possibly provide their own food due to cross-contamination that may occur in our kitchen.

Can you accommodate my special setup and/or audio visual needs?

The Aspen Grille and its students can only assist you with those needs that arise from the table cloth up. Please call the Event Planning Office at 491-0229 for available equipment that can be used or rented for use in the room.  Any additional charges will be handled through the Event Planning Office and separately from the Aspen Grille food charges.

Can Alcoholic beverages be purchased?

Yes. The Aspen Grille has a full liquor license and serves a modest variety of wines and beers. Standard cocktails can also be purchased.  All guests who order alcoholic beverages must be 21 years of age and present acceptable identification.  Additional charges on a per drink basis will apply to all alcohol purchases.  Full compliance with the Colorado liquor license laws apply. No alcohol may be taken out of the La Porte room and into the Lory Student Center.