Current Exhibitions

Current Art Exhibitions

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Unite showcases the work of 5 graduate students studying in the Master of Fine Arts program here at Colorado State University. The show highlights the work of Seojung Lee, Vincente Delgado, Keri Wolfe, Leila Malekadeli, and Adam Hinkelman. By bringing these specific research-based works together, the show delves into the journey that artists take while pursuing an MFA degree. The Master of Fine Arts program at CSU is a terminal degree that typically takes three years to accomplish. Together, these

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The Folly of Dominion

Brenda Mallory’s mixed media sculptural works are comprised of a variety of materials including cloth, fibers, beeswax, and found objects.  By creating multiple forms that are joined with crude hardware that imply tenuous connections or repairs, her work addresses ideas of interference and disruption in long-established systems of nature and human cultures. Mallory lives in Portland, Oregon but grew up in Oklahoma and is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. She holds a BA in Linguistics & English from UCLA

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Past Art Exhibitions

Isadora Stowe

Anamnesis by Isadora Stowe

Isadora Stowe is a multi-media American visual artist whose artwork focuses on the narrative of environment translated and coded into complex psychological landscapes. Her strong interest is in visual narratives, created out of symbolic code, or personal syntax, that explore memory as it relates to the construction, negotiation and interpretation

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The 21st Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition

The Curfman Gallery is proud to present the 21stColorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, the only international poster exhibition of its kind in the United States and one of a growing number of similar exhibitions around the world. The exhibit began in 1979, backed by the Colorado State University (CSU) Department

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The 2019 Student Art Exhibition

The Curfman Gallery is proud to present the 2019 Student Art Exhibition, the longest running exhibit on the Colorado State University campus. Over 200 works were submitted and only 46 were selected for this show. The Jurors Dr. Yang Wang was the ASIANetwork-Luce Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Luther College. Her

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America! America! by John Hitchcock

John Hitchcock is a visual artist whose work explores the intersection between cultures through the land, language and visual symbols of the Great Plains. Hitchcock draws from his experiences growing up on native land that sits adjacent to Fort Sills in Oklahoma, which serves as the current homelands of the

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Sensational Inflatable MaxAdrian

The Sensational Inflatable Furry Divines by Max Adrian

Max Adrian is a visual artist whose soft-sculptural work playfully considers queer ideas of sexuality and identity through Craft. Greatly influenced by LGBTQ+ history, drag, puppetry, street theater, and other forms of radical performance, Adrian sews highly tactile sculptures that reference his performative influences with connotations of costume, nightlife, and sexual scenarios. His

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