Indoor Display Ads

Our 20 indoor displays are a liquid crystal screen that reaches an average of 20,000 faculty, staff and students who visit the Lory Student Center on a daily basis during the academic year.

A majority of our displays provide a touch-screen experience that enables users to interact with various types of content. When visitors to the Lory Student Center are not interacting with the digital displays, advertising content will rotate continuously. This advertising opportunity provides various entities and partners throughout the Lory Student Center with an opportunity to promote their products, services or events at a discounted rate.

Reservations run on a weekly basis beginning on Fridays.

Reservation Requests

We are in the process of rebuilding our online reservation system, but new reservations can be made by emailing with:

  1. Your name, department, phone number and email address
  2. The subject line “LSC Digital Display Reservation Request”
  3. The name of the project/ad
  4. Your desired reservation start date and duration (1 or 2 weeks)
  5. The account number that should be billed for the reservation
  6. Your current discount code (if applicable)

You should receive a response within two business days. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email reply. 


Reservations and Confirmation

  • Only registered student organizations and University departments may reserve indoor displays.
  • All reservations must be made online.
  • Each reservation runs for seven days starting on Friday and running through the following Thursday.
  • Ads are updated every Friday afternoon. New ads will be inserted into the weekly lineup and old ads removed.
  • Reservation is guaranteed only when you have received a confirmation email.
  • Your reservation can be as many weeks as you choose, refer to the weekly pricing under the “Pricing” tab.
  • To see that your advertisements are displayed on the confirmed date, please view the digital screens throughout the Lory Student Center.
  • If providing art: make your reservation at least seven (7) business days prior to the run date of your ad.
  • If requesting art: make your reservation at least (14) business days prior to the run date of your ad in order to request artwork.

Artwork Request 

Submission and Approval

  • If you provide artwork, and it does not meet CSU Branding or Lory Student Center standards, we will contact you to discuss specific changes that will need to be made to your artwork in order to receive approval.
  • You are responsible for proofreading your ad content. We reserve the right to remove your ad at any point during your reservation if errors are found.
  • Once changes are made, email your revised file to the Marketing Creative.
  • Your artwork will not run until an approval is given.
  • If you have questions, please call our Marketing Creative at 970-491-6918.

Using the Indoor Displays

  • You will be contacted by a designer within 48 of submitting your request.
  • Your ad should communicate your message quickly and effectively, at a glance and from a distance.
  • Your ad must include the Colorado State University logo.
  • Your ad must comply with University Brand Standards.


Our indoor displays must meet the branding requirements of Colorado State University and the Lory Student Center. As such, if you choose to provide artwork that does not meet these requirements, we will contact you and work with you in a consultancy role to ensure these requirements are met.

Please refer to our policies and specifications for important details before accepting responsibility for fees accrued as a result of our consultation.


All final artwork should be 1920 x 1080 ppi

Live Area

Some digital displays throughout the building have been recessed in high-traffic areas rather than flush mounted. These displays have been framed and may cover portions of the display from various angles. Your artwork should have a live area of 1776 x 936 ppi to ensure readability.


All digital displays that broadcast advertising are mounted in a horizontal orientation.

Run time

Display time is: 15 seconds per ad each time shown
Guaranteed a minimum of 36 exposures a day or 252 exposures a week – per display.

Uploading Artwork

Once a reservation has been made, an order summary will be sent via email. This order summary includes details about your reservation and a link to upload your artwork.

File Formats and Branding

Please upload  high quality .jpg file at 72 dpi that does not exceed 150k.

A web-safe .pdf file is acceptable if your artwork is animated.


All artwork is reviewed for branding in accordance with University brand standards. For questions on CSU branding regulations and graphic standards click here.