Website Advertising

Our new Lory Student Center provides several cutting-edge opportunities to advertise your product or service. Currently, over 22,000 visitors hit the LSC website a month and with its improved visibility, accessibility and responsive design, Colab anticipates that number will continue to grow.

We provide three spaces for ad placement: a floating information bar ad, a sidebar ad, and a blog sidebar ad – all of which are available for a single low rate of $60 per week. 

Website Advertising


Ads will published as received via request form. Double-check for spelling errors, dates, times, et cetera to ensure text accuracy.

All website ads must be received at least two weeks prior to your reservation date, as all art is reviewed for building appearance, and CSU events must meet brand standards.

All requests for website advertising design should be made via Function Point and at least a minimum of two weeks prior to your ad reservation.

Where Does Web Advertising Appear on the LSC Website?

Ad space is allocated to the sidebar of the Lory Student Center website. These sidebar ads will appear throughout the site specifically on news and search results pages, rotating every 15 seconds. An average visitor will view three pages in less than three minutes and see up to approximately twelve ads during that session.

Our ad spaces are 300 pixels x 300 pixels to accommodate the same ad size used on CSU’s Source website,

Static visual ads (JPG, PNG) or animated ads (GIF) are welcomed.