Light Box Ads

This advertising opportunity is in a unique location by the stairs in the north end of the LSC, by Cam’s Lobby Shop. Over  20,000 students, faculty, staff and community members travel through the LSC each day.

Consult our policy, specifications, and calendar below to answer your questions.

Reservations run for a month at a time. It is highly recommended you reserve the Light Box for at least 3 months based on production costs.


Reservations and Confirmation

  • Only registered student organizations and university departments may reserve the light boxes.
  • All reservations must be made online
  • Please provide your desired dates on the reservation form, according to what is available on the calendar
  • Reservation is guaranteed only when you have received a confirmation email.
  • You can also see your ad confirmed through the calendar.

Submission and Approval

  • Submit high resolution artwork file to Colab Marketing Creative for University branding and approval at least (14) days prior to reservation date.
  • Once artwork is approved, we will send artwork to the printer with client contact information for payment.
  • The production of this advertising takes about (7) days so please allow additional time for design, branding and approval before printing.

Delivery and Installation

  • Please put your reservation request in at least (2) weeks prior to the start of your ad’s official run date so we are able to notify facilities that an installation is required.
  • Ensure that SignsNow knows to deliver your advertisement to the LORY STUDENT CENTER LOADING DOCK upon completion.  More details concerning this stipulation will be included in your initial confirmation email.
  • Once your reservation has run its course, it will be removed and either returned to you or properly disposed of based on your personal preference.  Ensure you let us know what you prefer.

Using the Light Box

  • All ads must adhere to the above rules in order to run during confirmed reservation times.
  • To see your ad displayed, please visit the north 100 level of the LSC.

Any further questions, email here .


Large W: 89.2” x H: 49.38”  (above North entrance of LSC lobby)
Small W: 50.0″ x H: 35.0″ (on wall of North entrance stairs)
Printed on specialty material, contact Colab with questions.

For questions on CSU branding regulations and graphic standards click here