Experience the Collaboration Power of Function Point

Here at Colab, we want to make working with us as easy as possible. We use an online project management system called Function Point for all requests, which offers you a smoother, easier process with your projects.

Our project management system:

  • Allows clients and Colab staff to view all stages of the project, from beginning through delivery
  • Quick and consistent communications between clients and Colab staff
  • Attach files to start the project, and as needed, right through the system
  • Easily viewable timelines, estimates, and dates
  • Consistent expectations and procedures

Work With Us Rates

  • Early Bird Special (Project request that is submitted within 20 days or more before due date)
    • LSC Organizations – $15/hour
    • Division of Student Affairs – $18/hour
    • LSC Business Partners – $20/hour
  • Standard (Project request that is submitted within 19 or fewer days before due date)
    • LSC Organizations – $18/hour
    • Division of Student Affairs – $25/hour
    • LSC Business Partners – $38/hour

Returning clients, click the button below to login.

New Clients

New clients, please read the information provided in the tabs below. In order to use our project management system we will have to set up your login information. Please use the form below to provide that basic information.

How do you get started?

The initial project request is very simple, and with a few quick questions we can start working together with you on your projects.

  1. Gather the information you might need for the project. The more information we have up front, the better we can do things for you. The information includes:
    • Name and Contact Information
    • Delivery Date (projects require at least a 2-week window, please contact us for questions)
    • Project Description and requirements, including design, web presence, social media, etc.
    • Budget and any other important stipulations
    • What should we know about the project, and its benefits or offers (including facts)?
    • Who is your audience, and what should the tone be?
    • Who or what are you competing against?
    • File attachments, including logos, inspirations, text
  2. You’ll need a login to the project management system, before you can fill in the information:
    • If you do not already have a login fill out the form in the following tab or email us here.
  3. Click here to login to the project management portal. 
  4. Please note: On the login form, the first field, “Company”, is always “CoLab LSC”.
  5. Fill in the information requested, and include any reference files. Click submit to send it to Colab.
  6. Within 48 hours, Colab staff will contact you and schedule a meeting, to review project details. If you have not heard from Colab within 48 hours, please contact us.

NOTE:  Please submit your request at least two weeks before the project due date. The sooner you submit your request the more likely we can accommodate your project timing.

Function Point Login Information Form



If you experience any issues while attempting to submit this form, please contact the Lory Student Center Webmaster at lsc_webmaster@mail.colostate.edu